Top Ten Jericho Episodes

I’ll admit, when they didn’t take action on a Jericho movie in the first five years or so (roughly 2013, since the show ended in 2008), my loyalty started wavering. Sure, I still love the show (my heart lives in it, even now–love that portrait of Elizabeth/Jonah!), but it’s hard to look at every little bit of information and not get anything out of it except a couple of comics and graphic novels. So I’ve been in and out of the line of news (presently in, via the Save Jericho page on FB)…which would be bad if I considered myself an honorary ranger, as they do; but since I’m a longtime Jamie/Jonah Prowse lover, I am so one of his pirates! (It’s true I already have Elizabeth [who will be Soturi in that book I intend to write], but she was always Air Force and not a pirate, so I created Red-Eyed Susan.) Ed. Note (2018): Red-Eyed Susan became Coldhearted Kate a couple of years back.

A few days ago, Mistress Ratkeeper, the commanding officer of the Rangers (or the unit I’m familiar with, anyway) shared Fan Pop‘s top ten Jericho episodes–and I couldn’t resist doing the same. Thus, in reverse order, I give you my “top five Jericho episodes, plus the five Jamie was in”–because you know I wouldn’t have it any other way!


P.S.: I’ll have to beg your forgiveness if I screw something up or leave out an important story bit…it’s been a while since I last watched…

10. Sedition (2.6): You know when your parents tell you not to do something, but you do it anyway, because the temptation is way too hard to resist? Now imagine if several vigilantes did that in a town that was already blockaded by the army of a rebel government and you have the concept of this episode.

This is one I haven’t seen in a long time, being a non-Jonah episode, but the description of everything going to hell after Goetz was executed gives me a pretty good idea of what went on. Plus, as I remember, this was the episode where Major Beck tortured Jake for some information (probably about the execution), so Jake’s hallucinations of meeting with his grandfather are also prevalent and well-done.

9. Rogue River (1.8): You might be surprised to learn that I like this episode, considering it introduced John Goetz (AKA: Dirty Bastard), but I’m actually quite fond of the episode.


With Jonah having already made it clear that he and the pirates have no access to cipro (ciprofloxican)–desperately needed by the sick mayor–Jake and Eric travel to the (fictional) town of Rogue River, which has been abandoned due to the proximity of Lawrence, one of the bomb sites. Although the hospital is in shambles, Dr. Kenchy Dhuwallia is still there, saving whatever patients he can. Entering the hospital grabs the attention of military contracting group Ravenwood (led by Dirty Bastard), ratcheting up the tension as the boys try to get what they need and get out of there.

The upside is that Jake and Eric escape with the medicine for their father–and the overwrought Kenchy. The downside is that Eric drops his wallet on the way out. But it’s only a downer until it sets up my favorite episode. 😉


 8. Why We Fight (1.22): Four words – Jericho goes to war.

When Jericho refuses to acquiesce to New Bern’s resource-splitting demands, all hell breaks loose–spurred in part, of course, by my “husband” killing a bunch of wounded “Burners” and taking all their supplies.

It’s true that war should never be considered beautiful; but when you spend an entire season with rage increasing on both sides, sometimes you have to treat it like a zit: pop it, drain it and then clean the area as quickly as possible to prevent more dirt entering the site. Unfortunately (for them, not for the viewers), the Rangers and the Burners get stuck on the “pop it” step, and that’s where the Allied States Army comes in.

(Whatever image I had there was gone when I revisited this post in 2018, so I replaced it with a random Jamie + Jericho screenie.)


7. Reconstruction (2.1): Lust. Lust, lust, lust. (*giggle*)

Seriously, though; before I fell in love with Jamie, Esai Morales/Major Edward Beck was my big Jericho crush. In fact, I would’ve put him in the first non-Jonah place if it wasn’t for one slightly more important event. (*evil grin*)

One tiny nitpick, however: apparently, the costume department didn’t check the uniform tapes before handing out the BDUs, because you can see to your left that Beck’s says “US Army” instead of “AS Army”. (If I can remember correctly, he’s also sporting a regular flag patch, instead of the ASA patch we see in later episodes.)


Also, because I’m such a sap, I wanted to include this twitter exchange about being unable to decide between Esai and Danny Pino. (Did not expect a response!) [June 6, 2012]

Me: Saw an SVU rerun tonight with Danny Pino and Esai Morales. Couldn’t decide which is cuter. xD

Esai: Why try? Love us BOTH. I’m ok [with] it. It was a real pleasure to work [with] Danny. He’s a “good egg” [and] worthy of the love.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure that made me squeak. ♥


6. Termination for Cause (2.5): You know what this is? This is me polluting my blog with Dirty Bastard, because Brad Beyer is about six seconds from shooting him. (*evil laughter*)

If I didn’t let Jamie take priority, this would be–hands down–my second favorite episode. (Although it should probably be the first, as much as I hate him.) Piece of shit embezzles from his parent company (Ravenwood having merged with Jennings & Rall), killed an innocent, hearing-impaired young lady just because she wouldn’t hand over her future sister-in-law and just generally being…well, I want to say a “ratass bastard”, but Mistress Ratkeeper will probably read this, so…(*giggle, grin*) And Stanley Richmond, the bereaved big brother, kills him like that. (*snaps her fingers*) Yeah, it’s good. :>


Interesting Fact: if you freeze this episode when Major Beck comes into town, you’ll notice that Dirty Bastard is not only hanging above the city limits sign, he’s suspended by his wrists, not his neck. The only reason you’d do that? If you weren’t using a dummy, but the actual actor–or a stunt double. (Someone could probably ask which is the case, since he’s on Twitter and his wife is on Facebook and all that jazz, but that someone sure as hell isn’t going to be me!)




5. Vox Populi (1.11): The number one thing that sucks about having a “television boyfriend” (outside of not being able to snuggle with him)? Watching him get hurt and not being able to do anything about it.

In fact, I originally had this episode in fourth place until I realized there’s nothing good about it. Jonah gets falsely accused of murder, stabbed and run out of town. Plus, he has a poignant moment with Emily that makes you wonder what went on in his marriage to make it end. (Or did she die? I’ve had clues to both, but it’s been a while.)

Nope. If it wasn’t for giving Jamie priority, this episode would be near (or at) the bottom–it’s absolutely rotten.

4. Red Flag (1.10): Jericho is fantastic for getting its characters into a pickle–fortunately, the writers are also fantastic for giving the very same characters a way to get right back out of it.


What would you do if eight pallets of food and equipment were dropped on your town? Would you even touch it after discovering piles of flyers claiming that the supplies were from China and that you shouldn’t retaliate?

How about when the head of your local shipping concern (who has turned into the captain of a band of post-apocalyptic pirates, by the by) ups the ante by stealing the generator on one of those pallets, thereby further endangering your already troubled city?

You don’t really expect one of your high school teachers to barge in and save the day, do you?

Or maybe you do, if that very same teacher is the daughter of the pirate captain and she’s tired of putting up with her father’s bullshit.

I don’t remember much about the episode, but I do remember Emily jumping into the cockpit of the truck that had the generator on its bed and busting the hell out of the gate. Made her daddy’s pirate heart proud. 😉


This isn’t from that episode, but when was the last time you knew me to be able to resist a great Jamie picture? 😀

3. Coalition of the Willing (1.21): Given that this is the last time we will ever see Jonah Prowse (he doesn’t even show up in the “season three” comics), this should really be tied with “Vox Populi” for tenth place. The sole redeeming factor of this episode (besides everyone sixteen and older being handed a gun) is Johnston Green’s famous speech. In fact, I think it’s so beautiful that I put it on a major arcana card in my (forever unfinished) Jericho tarot deck.

Most of you have no idea what to do or what’s coming;
some of you do.
This isn’t a fight about land or about this town.
It’s a fight for our very existence.
Pray for each other,
and while you’re at it,
pray for the men and women of New Bern

and pray that God forgives us.

2. Long Live the Mayor (1.7): This episode is seriously breathing down the neck of number one.

When we meet Jonah Prowse, he’s casually up to his elbows in car (Jake’s Plymouth Roadrunner, actually), a five o’clock shadow adorning his face…and threatening the hell out of one of his subordinates. In essence, the epitome of pirate-y hotness. (Jack Sparrow? PurLEASE!)

Do I have to say any more? 😉

1. Crossroads (1.9): If there is one thing that makes a pirate sexier than simply looking unshaven and fixing shit, it’s when he’s about to kick some ass.

Especially when it’s the ass of the biggest bastard in the fandom. (Sadly, my man isn’t the one that has the honor of killing said bastard.)

Ravenwood threatens Jericho, Eric calls up my honey and his pirates to make ’em beg for mercy! Excellent work, everyone.


This episode also features my favorite quotes of the whole show:

[Upon arriving] Next time you intend to blow up my route into town, give me a heads-up!

[To Jake] If Eric hadn’t come and got me, they would have buried you in a shoebox tomorrow! (Me: When Dirty Bastard is involved, the potential outcome is acceptable.)


Speaking of shoeboxes…

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