Call Me “Nederlands Hart”!

“Dutch Heart” [Neh-der-lahns Heart]


A few weeks ago, my friend Hailey (a Brit-turned-Dutch blogger) posted a BuzzFeed quiz to find out how Dutch you are. The funny part is that Hailey lives there (Hilversum, Holland, Netherlands) and is married to a Dutchman, but I scored higher! Little ole me, who doesn’t even know how many generations I’m separated from the country! (My mom swears it’s there, though; and it seems like Ashley said she found some Dutch relatives, too, but I haven’t seen them on

I saved the answers, though…partially because I thought it was so unusual, I’m sure and perhaps because I thought I might eventually share them.

5. You laugh at the idea of wearing a bike helmet, even though you know you should. Are you freaking kidding? When I was younger nobody wore a bike helmet! I don’t know when it got “cool” or “appropriate”. The only time I wore a helmet was when I rode a “banana bike” (kind of like a recumbent) around a campground in Ludington. (And when I went horseback riding in Vegas. This is definitely a bike helmet. Maybe.)

WAIT! I just found a banana bike!


I miss them. I want to ride one again!


6. You’ve sat on the back or handlebars of a bike. Didn’t we all do this when we were younger, we 80s/90s kids? Pretty sure I tried to sit on the back of someone’s bike when I was younger. Almost a rite of passage to see if you could stay on!

8. You are obsessed with cheese. Maybe “obsessed” is too strong of a word. But I’d actually prefer to spend my time sampling different kinds of cheeses than different kinds of cocktails. My dad brought home some cheese once with the bacon already in it. Great burgers! (Omnomnom!) (Or “LEKKER! *ear wave*” to be Dutch about it. 😀 )

9. A cheese sandwich and a glass of milk sounds like a great lunch to you. When I was younger, I ate a lot of cojack-and-mustard sandwiches while camping. Did I eat them with milk? Maybe. I prefer my grilled cheese (and rare cojack sandwich) with Diet Coke these days, but that doesn’t mean I’d be averse to milk and cookies after…and that’s close enough. 😉

10. Mashed potatoes and cabbage sounds like a great dinner to you. Not a huge fan of cabbage, but I think I’ve mashed up some boiled potatoes to eat when we were having sausage-and-sauerkraut and that’s close enough, right? (I’ve never tried cabbage rolls…maybe those with mashed potatoes would be pretty yummy!)

15. You like your pancakes thin, not thick. How thick are we talking? I don’t like them too thick or thin. Somewhere in between.

16. You’ve had savory pancakes with bacon. Since I don’t like syrup, that makes my pancakes savory, not sweet; and I’ve definitely had them with bacon. Score!

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