Most Beautiful Women Revisited

Almost three years ago (has it been that long already?), I wrote an entry about women I thought were more beautiful than Julia Roberts. (Remember the blue squares? I’m more of a rectangle now, thanks to medication-induced weight gain, but a blue 2D shape I am still!) Three ladies have been downgraded to honorable mention and I’ve discovered a new “pretty”, but the rest are still there. (I don’t know why I try for a certain order…they each have their special qualities!)

Oh and the previously mentioned gentleman? He gets a special entry of his own. 😉


Note: some of the photos are repeats from last time; partially because some of those included are slightly obscure and partially because of them are too good not to repeat.

Note 2: these photos were redone in 2017 after the links were broken, so the commentary may not match the picture in question.

Honorable Mentions

Irina PantaevaAh, aging…how cruel thou art! Irina was my age when Mortal Kombat II came out, so of course she looked lovely! But I still think this photo is stellar and couldn’t leave her out.

(Irina hasn’t done anything since 2002.)


Maddie Hassonshould be twenty-one this year! It sounds like she took a little time off to finish her education…good for her.

(Maddie’s next big project is I Saw the Light, wherein she plays Billie Jean, Hank Williams’s second wife–to Tom Hiddleston’s Hank!)


Jennifer Leann Carpenterdon’t you just love that photo? ♥

I think I fell in love with her during Dexter, so it kind of fizzled when the series ended (and maybe a little before).

(Jen has been doing various small projects since the end of Dexter.)


Sofía Margarita Vergara y Vergara: I have a hard time deciding whether I think Sofia is pretty. She’s bloody freaking funny though (even when she’s talking about everyday things…must be that Baranquilla accent!), so she definitely deserves to be in the honorable mentions!

(I’m too lazy to check and see if she’s done anything recently outside of Modern Family.)

The Hot List

7. Heidi KlumUgh, I haven’t seen my German darling in so long! (It doesn’t help that I don’t watch Ellen very much anymore.) And I was super sorry to hear all that crap Seal said about her when they divorced. (As Stephanie Tanner used to say, “How rude!“)

You know what I look forward to each year? Heidi’s Samhain costume. She is the Queen of Halloween!

(I just remembered where I get to see her! The upcoming season of America’s Got Talent–probably starting in May! WOOHOO!)


6. Alison Elizabeth LarterYou know what’s tragic? I think I heard a while back that Ali’s not interested in coming back for Heroes: Reborn. I’m delighted to pieces that Jack is back (and was the first one announced!), but I’ll miss Ali’s lovely face on my screen. 🙁

(Ali was most recently on Legends.)


5. Sandra Annette Bullock: I claim to be a big Sandy fan, but I actually wrote her out of an upcoming book!

It was hard to do…I mean, when do I not want one of my favorites in one of my novels? But while she made an excellent counter to Stana’s kickass nature, I just couldn’t imagine her in a combat zone. (Maybe I need to watch her in more dramas?) This is actually the second time I’ve replaced her and honestly, I’m not sure this one will stick, either. (I think Emily Blunt is “grand altogether”, to borrow an Irish phrase; but I also think I’ve fallen in love with how Sandy and Stana play off each other–or could, if they were in a movie.)

I look forward to “seeing” Sandy in Minions this summer–clichéd catchphrase and all.


4. María José “Cote” de Pablo y Fernandez: Okay, just…yum.

Maybe I didn’t notice her Goddess-given beauty when she was busy taking the baddies down during NCIS, but I’m paying attention now and she’s just…eye candy. Too bad I already have a “if I was a lesbian, this would be my dream girlfriend” picked out. (*giggle*)

(Cote was most recently on the Dovekeepers. [Which was rather disappointing. *sigh*])


3. Mariska Magdolna Hargitay: (Or, as I affectionately call her, “Mishka”.)

Mishka probably ended up higher on this list than last time because I watched a few episodes of SVU on Sunday, but…she’s so lovely. She’s such a strong, tenacious woman and–let’s face it–without Cote (and excluding Stana), Mishka is the most kickass woman on television. I like women who literally kick ass, but there’s something about a woman who uses her mind and words–much like Olivia Benson–that is very appealing. (To that end, I wish they’d had an SVU/CI crossover when Criminal Intent was still on the air. I would’ve liked to see Olivia Benson paired off with Vincent D’Onofrio’s Robert Goren.)

As a point of interest, I almost had a double replacement for Sandy–Emily and Mishka. But I decided it was too awkward and–after an impromptu Facebook vote–made Emily her replacement. I can hear Mishka’s calm, patient “Benson voice” in my head when I work on my latest story seed, however, so I think she’ll have a character in there, instead. (I hear the Benson voice when the main character is talking, but Mishka would play the assistant head of the council [Margarene] if there was a movie.)

(Mishka doesn’t appear in much outside of SVU.)


2. Amber Rose Revah: Have you been waiting for a new addition to the Hot List? Well, she’s it. 😉

I’d love to start this off with my usual “she’s so beautiful!” spiel, but–unfortunately–I have to start off with a complaint. You see, there’s a white gal out there who goes by the name of “Amber Rose” (I think she’s a stripper or some such, so that may be a stage name) that has been fighting with the “Kar-trash-ians” and people (MTV included, apparently) don’t look before they tweet, so my wonderful Amber (who is English and clearly not white) gets a lot of bullshit and lewd comments meant for the swamp slut. Horrible. (People should really pay attention before they say things…that’s why I always double-check the handle of the celebrity I’m referring to before tweeting.)

Anywho…as I’ve said before, I fell in love with her while watching The Bible and Son of God, so when my (former) sweetpea wasn’t onscreen, I still had something nice to look at. ^_^ | I like that the recent trend with Mary Magdalene is that no one is treating the…can I still say “character”? as a prostitute anymore, and that she’s turned out to be the disciple she was always meant to be. In fact, the one thing that caught my eye with Amber was not her lovely looks (mostly shrouded, due to her role), but the fact that her version of Maggie would never take guff from any of the other disciples. I really appreciate that Mark and Roma did that, and if they had at least brought Amber back for AD, I would’ve watched.

(Amber has a television show called Indian Summer coming out [if it isn’t already], but I haven’t heard whether they’ll ever carry it on BBC America.)


1. Stana KaticOh my…what’s left to say about my Croatian Cutie, this Golden Goddess of Television Heroines? (Save for the fact that I would change it to “Patron Saint of Television Heroines” were I still Christian.) Have I used up all my words about her yet? It may be hard for my loyal readers (the very few) to imagine, but I’m feeling Jamie levels of dry, here! (Oh, how about, “Why haven’t she and Nate Fillion started up a showmance already?!” Or maybe they have and just never publicised it.)

I’ll tell you one thing…I couldn’t convince myself to take her character (Sera Kent) out of Dark and Dirty Games. As I’ve mentioned before, the basic premise is that the Gamesmaster kills off the ones I love; so technically, my Ultimate GirlCrush shouldn’t even be in this novel. But my heart wouldn’t let my mind do it. I was going to compromise and have Sera killed off before the end, but when I slimmed the new Emily/Mishka duo down to one (don’t ask me what Mishka’s name was, but Em’s character is called “Evelyn Bennett”), I let myself out of the pact.

Let’s be honest: Sera will probably make it through the end unscathed, because I just love her too damn much to kill off her character. In fact, I really ought to have Sera save Nicholas or Alexander–she’s that important.

(Stana is still doing her thing on Castle, where she and Nate Fillion’s character are happily married. Or mostly.)

Remember last time, when I mentioned that this was partially inspired by “Creepy”?

Well, in three years, he’s been upgraded and/or promoted. Three times.


First, he went from Creepy to Trouble. It’s not just because he usually plays villains (I guess…he has so many credits on IMDb, he could make some of the A-listers blush. Like his sister!) and it’s definitely not that he’s sober, because if drugs were a problem, then there’d be an issue with Jamie. No, my best friend (when I had one) used to say “that’s just not on” and that’s exactly it. There’s something off with his energy or…something and he’s very much not on. So rather than struggle to put intuition into words, it’s just easier to call him Trouble. 😀

A few months ago, I decided I was in a love-hate relationship with him. (And he knows it very well. We’ve held short, strange conversations over the last three years and he’s been following me on twitter for a couple of months. Pretty sure he’s aware.) To be honest, he’s handsome and adorable in a strange little way. Quite frequently, I can convince myself to stay away; but other times? (Like now?) Pfft…forget it! He’s kind of like a caramel frappe from McDonald’s: delicious, but so not worth the calories. (Or the ice cream headache, come down to it.) Except I don’t mind watching him on television sometimes, because that’s a “calorie free zone”. (Only when we’re directly interacting do I have to worry.)


So now I’ve decided that I have a “pet weirdo”.
(And no, he doesn’t know. 😉 )

Hello, Eric Anthony Roberts. (evil laughter)


Now this is not my first pet weirdo…I just never decided to call Willem Dafoe (who I was a fan of for a short time in high school) my pet. I’m kind of glad him dumping Elizabeth LeCompte for Giada Colagrande made me dump him, so I wouldn’t feel obligated to watch Nymphomaniac and all the other weird shit he’s gotten into since he married Giada. (Although I should know from “weird shit”, given my current pet and his predilection for taking any role that ever comes his way!) (By the way, you don’t know how hard I’ve giggled every time “Mijn konijn heet Willem” comes up in my Dutch lessons, since that’s precisely who I think of! [That’s “My rabbit is called William” for you non-Dutch speakers.])


So what do you do with a pet weirdo?

Good question.

Four thousand miles away makes it hard to love him and squeeze him and call him “George” (thank you, Looney Tunes)…and that’s actually his tamer-wife’s job, anyway. (*cackle*)


No, but I can write one novel where he’s a villain who is going to be killed after trying to assault me/Kaia and another where he’s…he’s…well, how do you describe someone who bought his way onto the Council after having an affair with the protagonist’s mother and sending her to a faraway sector? (Other than that?) (Oh and Tasivere has the hots for Sheiumoni-Lanai. Of course.)

And continue to come up with clever quips, such as, “That’s so wrong, it makes Eric Roberts look right!” 😀

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