20 More Amusing Dutch Words

These drawings are even better than last time!


About 6 months ago, I wrote a post entitled 30 Amusing Dutch Words. On the last count it had 63k shares (!!) so I guess you were mildly interested in it.

Laura Frame, my partner in crime for that post, has come up with some more fantastic illustrations of Dutch words. It would therefore be a shame not to share some more!!

(For the eagle-eyes amongst you: Yes, there are a couple of overlaps… but this time there are also more pretty pictures.)

Heb een te gekke tijd! (Lit: Have a too crazy time!)

1. Eekhoorntjesbrood


Eekhoorntjesbrood – literally translated as ‘little squirrel’s bread’ it actually means porcini mushrooms. Leuk, hè? 

2. Luipaard

Means leopard, but is literally translated as ‘lazy horse’.

3. Koevoet

This is the word for a crow bar, but the literal translation is ‘cow foot’. Tskkkkk.

4. Papegaaiduiker


Yuh huh, you got it – ‘parrot diver’. It actually means puffin.

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