Hit the Books!

A little bit sad that my 250th post was a repost, but I'm really getting into the study of Dutch, so perhaps it's not such a bad thing…


And now for a quick book update:

The Garfield Lake Review (44th Edition): obviously came out on time, because I got a copy in the mail approximately 13 April. ^_^

The cover reminds me of a Hearthstone card, but that's okay. I haven't read it yet, however–which is not. 😛

Exiliumended up being approximately fifty-three pages (including copyright, dedication, etcetera)–which is forty-some pages shorter than Early One Morning–but what are you going to do? A story will never tell more or less of itself than it wants…you can't force it.

Don't mind the fact that the item page still says "five pages"–I assure you I got the complete draft in by Thursday. (I had to…the automated reminders started harassing me about twelve days in advance!) You can preorder now and Amazon will send it to your Kindle app on 17 May. (It will arrive at 12:00a PT | 3:00a ET | 8:00 BT–I have no control over it, or it would be 9p/12a/5a!)

As for the other outlets, I'm not sure. This is the first time I've allowed Lulu to submit to Kobo for me, so I don't know how long it will take. Hopefully, you're not a Nook fan, because Barnes & Noble usually takes the longest to submit my stuff. iTunes? I must have street cred with them now, because Lulu didn't accept it for distribution 'til Wednesday and I just checked iTunes and it's there. (Which is great if my ex-muse decides to forgive me long enough to read it…he's an iFruit kind of guy, after all.)


Julia: I would forget it, if I were you.

It's not that I haven't recovered–I have, and very much so. It's just that the words won't come out to express my ideas the way I want them, so I've laid that novel aside.

Unfortunate for those who wanted a paperback copy of the annotated omnibus; but on the other hand, I was going to send special hardcover copies to Amber, Diogo and the Grey-Eyed Monster–which I won't do while things are unsettled between the latter and I. (Not only that, but I'll need several freelancing gigs before I can finance printing and postage–and I've just gotten back into 'lancing within the last few days.)


Dark and Dirty Games: I haven't decided whether to continue without the presence of Alexander. Heck, I really haven't gotten very far since the whole "replacing Sandra Bullock with Emily Blunt and/or Marishka Hargitay" debacle!

But it does have a cover, for whenever I get there…

So what am I working on now? Ir Más Alla, which was rescued from File 85 (however temporarily).

"Ir Más Alla" means "To Go Beyond" in Spanish (notice how I nicked an Enya song title?) and it's kind of my own version of the Divine Comedy.

(Sidebar: I read Inferno when I was a senior, then reviewed the Wikis for that and Purgatorio the other day; but I stopped at Venus in Paradiso, because even Dante's view of heaven seemed rather torturous.)

Except nobody gets tortured and it goes through Duat (the Egyptian underworld), the Summerlands (where reincarnators go between lives) and ends up near the gates of the Christian heaven. (Well, a little beyond that, but that would ruin the surprise. 😉 ) The main character even has a long conversation with Saint Peter! (Not too long, though…Pete's a busy man/being, so she ends up with Joan of Arc as a tour guide.)


So we'll see how that goes.


"File 85" is me being clever. 😉

One of the many nicknames for the trash is "file 86"; so in my eyes, the file before it would be filled with things that could end up in the trash at any time, but haven't been given up on yet.

(The actual title of the folder on my hard drive is "Things That May Not Ever Live".)

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