Tales from Denver Comic Con 2015

Susie: I want to try cosplay.
Me: You already did. NAILED IT!

Susie Lindau's Wild Ride

Courtney's doppelganger

I was a Comic Con virgin. It has always evoked images of nerdy Treky fans and comic book geeks. Neither tickled my happy parts. I haven’t kept up with Star Trek since the television series ended and the one and only comic book I bought back in the seventh grade was Archie. So when my daughter, Courtney, called and expressed interest in going to Denver Comic Con 2015, I hesitated.

Denver Comic Con

Five seconds on Google showed pictures of crazed fans in costumes, most of them super heroes and some of them pretty sleazy. I hesitated again.

Then I Googled the Denver Comic Con website and read the program. Holy smokin’ geez. Tons of events would take place on three floors utilizing the entire Denver Convention Center. I had no idea it was also a literary conference. Panels taught writing classes all weekend. Simultaneously in nineteen other rooms, educational panels discussed…

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