Hot Topics for Authors (1)

Sometime back, my friend/adopted aunt Michelle showed me these great shirts that say "ask me about my books". Well, freelancing hasn't been going very well for me, so the gal who's been printing the shirts said "five blogs for a singular" (she's out of the plural)…and here I am. (I think she's a she…not sure!)

For the first in the series, Taylor asked me to take some topics she had on her site and improve upon them. Some of them are kind of bland, so I thought I'd pick a few of my favorites and share them with you.

5. Interview Fans: This is a neat idea! I've never heard of it being done before and–of course–I don't have many fans, but can you imagine a whole post devoted to interviews with fans on why they liked various of your books or poems? Talk about getting outside of your reviews!

4. Giveaways! This is the one time I wish I had a traditional publisher…it would make getting free copies to give away that much easier. (Plus, I'd probably have swag to give along with it.) The only downside? Few fans.

But other authors have done it…I actually won a little swag pack from Jen McConnel, who wrote those Red Magick books I like so well. 🙂

3. Movies: This is one I haven't done in a while, but I have done it. I usually talk about the "avatars" I've written for my guys, but I don't often do full casts. (The exception being Dark and Dirty Games. I thought I had an entry with pictures, but I'm too lazy to look for it.)

One that I haven't done (partially because I don't usually brainstorm much beyond characters) is potential settings. I know all the recent bible stuff has been shooting in Morocco, but since Exilium mostly takes place in Sicily, that's an excellent time to break out of the shell, so to speak. (The Cloister at Sea Island is a resort, but some of the exteriors would make great shots for Domus Telemachus!)

2. Sneak Peeks are something I should do more often. I occasionally talk about things that are happening in my books, but I don't usually share previews!

1. Future books are something I talk about All. The Freaking. Time! I'm constantly changing manuscripts and I periodically mention which one I'm working on on my blog. The few readers I do get, I wonder if they ever come by and think, "What is she working on now?"

Ordinarily, this is the part where I'd preview the next topic, but I seem to have thrown out my list. 😦

Better go deliver this to Taylor and find my next move!

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