Whiny Babies!

I’m still here…I just got into a game that I’ve been waiting for for almost a year and it’s eating up my life. (I have a post about Pound, for example…it’s just been ignored for a few weeks.)

I just dropped in to post someone’s negative review about my readings…to show how stupid I find them, basically.

I have three five-star reviews on Etsy (this is the only negative one) and a bunch of clients on Flight Rising (said game) who have raved about my readings. So this…person (can you call them that if they even refused to be identified on Etsy by anything more than their initials?)…opted to whine about me not telling hir what zhe wanted to hear. (I know a lot of people are using xe/xir [at least on FR], but these are the neutrals I use.) I’ll give you what zhe wrote, then what I wrote back, plus a little extra commentary.

I will not use this reader again, or recommend her. The question that I asked was straight forward and should have been either Yes or No, and possible additional information. Not “I think” it will happen, if I “haven’t already heard about it already”. Anyone is able to draw that conclusion, and do not need to pay to hear the obvious.

I’m sorry to hear that “D.W.” didn’t get the response zhe desired, but zhe paid 99¢ for a single card and expected me to be able to tell hir a lot more than one card can possibly say. Perhaps if zhe is going to get upset about spending less than a dollar for something that is no more than entertainment (what is a divinatory deck other than a bunch of paper, after all?) zhe should be spending more time on hir resume and less time on something that is not an exact science.

If zhe wanted a “yes or no” that badly; surely, zhe could have flipped a coin and saved hirself the money?

You’re really that butthurt that I didn’t tell you, “Yeah, you got the job and you’re going to love it and be very rich and win the lottery tomorrow”?

The Lenormand deck is thirty-six fucking pieces of paper. You paid ninety-nine pennies for me to tell you whether you got a job.

Less than that, actually, after Etsy takes their cut.

You couldn’t have just flipped a bloody coin?

Or asked a random number generator on the internet?


Grow the fuck up.

Try spending more time on your resume and less time bugging professionals about what’s probably nothing more than a dead end retail job, anyway. (Even if it’s not, do you know how many rejections I’ve gotten in ten years? Maybe three have bother to call, write or send me an email. The rest ignore you, because managers these days only have time to call the people they’re hiring.)

And the “if you haven’t heard already”? It took me three days to get to hir. How the fuck am I supposed to know whether you got the job by then? Mother Goddess…if I was that psychic, I would’ve passed Ari Gellar’s challenge and been a million dollars richer already.


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