Part 67 of the Phone Saga

I had this as a FB post, but it was getting pretty long…

My dad has decided he doesn’t like his smartphone…it’s too much of a pain in the ass. (I told him he didn’t want one! But nooo, he has to be cheap and get the 99c iPhone! *facepalm*)

So now he’s thinking he should return his phone and either [A] buy the $30 dumbphone from AT&T or [B] buy minutes for/reactivate my top-up phone from Verizon.

Except I pointed out that if he does that, it would be pretty silly to have us on two different carriers. (AT&T has TUs too, but it’s still kind of silly for me to be on a contract and him to be on a TU.)

So I said if he was going to do [B], he ought to call Verizon and see what kind of deal they’re willing to cut us to keep us permanently.
Last week, when we ported our numbers back briefly to make the transition from T-Mobile to AT&T, they at first offered us an early upgrade (I was at January Sixteen due to having to dump my Galaxy S4 and he was at November of the same year, because that was contract renewal) and ended up giving us a big discount on our bill. (Which is probably still not our final one, but that’s not the issue, here.)

Fast Sidebar: Verizon’s user area has been down for the last three or four days and now I see why (as I go to check prices and see if I can see what the final bill looks like)–they redid the whole site! (My words: “Shit!”)

And it’s still down as I login, but they’ve made some major changes!

Anyway, after all the bullshit they’ve put us through with the $60 in reconnect fees that shouldn’t have happened and the promised discounts that have never materialized, they should not only give us the proffered upgrade/contract renewal, but a discount on the phones we want.

Or my phone, as he’s going to want to stay with a copy of his old one. Hell, if he wants to pay 91c less a month, he should get a copy of my old one!

(Couldn’t figure out for a minute why they were listing full retail price only, and then I remembered that I was logged into my account, which doesn’t presently have an upgrade available. I logged out and the monthly payment prices came up. ^_^)

My precious Galaxy S5 is $23 monthly (or the new one is only a dollar more–who needs the “edge”? EW!), but maybe if they cut it down to $13, my dad would let me have it. Or if they won’t cut but will still let us upgrade, maybe he’ll let me have a Blackberry Classic–$16 a month and I get my full keyboard. (I actually get enough Android from my tablet, so I would totally settle for another crackberry. I liked the first!) Don’t know why they have the refurbished/pre-owned Galaxies at full price…that’s silly! They should be selling those for like $5 a month and I’d go back to my S4. The end!

(Ahh! Crackberries can now get Android-type apps from the Amazon app store! SaWEET!)


Stay tuned on the phone front…

Meanwhile, I’m going to cross my fingers that my tablet can’t take the OS upgrade. I was just reading on the Galaxy S5 page on Verizon that Lollipop is horrible…so staying with KitKat it is!

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