Short Story: His Last Love

This wasn’t meant to be a morality tale on the importance of apologies. Rather, I intended it as, “Wouldn’t it be weird to be made a countess just because I’m a good writer and the Duke of Somerset is my thirteenth cousin?”

I also didn’t intend for Diana’s special night to be semi-ruined by her quiet and unaffectionate escort; but I oftentimes find that novels (or in this case, stories) write themselves and I’m just along for the ride.




“His Last Love” will appear in my upcoming poetry/whatever collection A Wren in the Willow (whenever I get my ass in gear and finalise it)…and I should probably go over the characters. (I’m only going to identify a few real people…and the ages are real, too.) These are in rank order, then by alphabetical–a little different from what I have written down.


Angela Erica Semmele – Duchess of Somerset [61]

Geoffrey Alexander Semmele – Duke of Somerset, Diana’s thirteenth cousin [63]

Caroline Isabella Conley – Countess of Leicester

Timothy Allen Conley – Earl of Leicester 

Ernest Howard Conley – Viscount Conley, Lord Timothy’s son [12]

Kenneth Michael Abbott – Baron Lawrence-Abbot [62]
Lord Christopher Guest, Baron Haden-Guest

Jessica Lynn Lawrence – Baroness Lawrence-Abbot, a favorite actress of Diana’s [57]
Lady Jamie Lee Curtis, Baroness Haden-Guest

Maxwell Jonathan Peter Sanders – Baron Sanders, Diana’s friend [60]
Lord Charles Shaughnessy,  Baron Shaughnessy

Stephanie Melinda Sanders – Baroness Sanders [55]
Lady Susan Fallender, Baroness Shaughnessy

Samuel Edward Semmele – Baron Semmele, Lord Geoffrey’s son [33]

James Edward Sanders – Lord Maxwell’s brother, who is heir presumptive [58] (he ranks above Johanna since she cannot inherit)

Johanna Jennifer Sanders – Lord Maxwell’s daughter, who cannot presently inherit [25] (she ranks above the rest of the commoners, as she is officially known as the Honorable Johanna Sanders)
I think I just swapped her first and middle names…because I’m lazy. And no, she cannot inherit in real life, either. As is discussed in the story, they changed the rules for Princess Charlotte, but left Salic primogeniture in place for nobility

Diana Sofia Emmons – an American novelist

Daniel Winters – Diana’s former sweetheart [62]

Isabel Winters – Daniel’s wife [47]

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