Drama and the Novel (pt. 1)

The "I quit" email was Monday morning (this Monday, the eighth), right before I was trying to go to the chiropractor. Before I left, the mail came, in which I got the letter, so I sent the "just so you know" email…maybe when I got back?

The gal from admissions that I'd been talking to called sometime between 3:30 and five, while I was napping. (Again, I don't know the time, due to AT&T's so-called "caller ID".) I decided I couldn't talk to her without crying and asked to conduct the conversation over email.

No response.

A couple of days later (Wednesday, maybe), I emailed her again and made an attempt to salvage the situation.

She called–again while I was napping–and my roommate failed to notify me of such until I got up.

"Why didn't you wake me up?"

"I didn't know you wanted to talk to her!"

"So what was the email for? Just for fun?"

I sent the advisor a message in apology for missing her call again and said it was dinnertime here, so I was going to eat and then give her a call. (Mu is an hour behind us.)

4:30 their time…no answer.

I suggested calling at 9a her time, so she'd be sure to get me right as I got out of bed.


Didn't end up going to a luncheon yesterday, so I called after I ate.

No answer and no call any time today, either.

Funny, for calling me multiple times and acting like you wanted to salvage this, you're doing a bad job of it! (And why can't this discussion be held over email? Is she a technophobe?)

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