A Little TOO Exciting!

I was going to say that my life was boring, but then I remembered all the shit that has been going on and…(snerk)

  1. I was accepted to grad school and lost out on it within a week or so.
  2. I walked out on my therapist because he decided to be an idiot about Mu being an idiot.
  3. The only outlet in my bathroom went out and we can’t afford an electrician for a few months. (I ran a couple extension cords that way yesterday to run my fan, since it’s been warm; but otherwise, I can charge my razor and stuff outside my bathroom.)
  4. Our well pump quit. Twice. (That cable that was sliced during Phone Wars, of course.)
  5. Pauley Perrette was attacked last week.
  6. The Paris attacks.
  7. A radio personality from my childhood has colon cancer.
  8. My housekeeper/friend/confidante’s husband and children were in a car accident. Her daughter should be dead.
  9. I don’t like Charlie Sheen, but a microscopic part of me is sad he’s HIV+. (I am human, after all!)
  10. The power went out for two hours today, for no apparent reason.

I’d threaten to hide under the covers, but three more things would probably happen in the meanwhile. 😛

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