The Fallback of Elitists

Throughout my entire life, I’ve heard that magick won’t work if you have doubts. After eighteen years, I’m starting to think that that claim is merely the fallback of elitists.

Consider it like this: when I started studying Wicca, I was eleven years old. Even though I was an old soul, I was still mostly an eleven year girl. What doubts did I have then? What did I have to be jaded against–save maybe marriage, with my parents freshly divorced? How could I have doubts if I’d never cast a spell before? First, second, third spells…”Maybe it will work next time.” Fourth, fifth and sixth…that’s where the doubts begin.

“Maybe my magick will work when I turn sixteen.”

“Maybe it will work when I turn eighteen.”

By twenty-one, I didn’t care anymore. I thought it was possible, but at that point, it didn’t seem likely.

The stupid part is after almost twenty years, Wiccans, Witches and other magick practitioners are telling me the same thing. The last person that said that, I replied, “I’ve only had one or two spells work in twenty years. Of course I have doubts! Do you really think I can erase twenty years of doubts and start anew?!” (or something like that). But she wouldn’t discuss the issue with me.

I don’t think magick should work Harry Potter style, but I also don’t think it should depend on whether you use the right color candle and where the moon is in the sky. Your spell will work because you have all 700 thoughts in line, but it will fail because you have 699 positive thoughts and one negative? PurLEASE! That’s bullshit. If magick is going to work, it’s going to work every time, not just because a handful of wealthy authors claim that they’ve managed to perfectly clear their minds.

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