Part 69 of the Phone Saga

This is so obnoxious, I’m starting to wish I’d never wanted a smartphone. Ever.
The reason I wanted a Blackberry was–primarily–the tactile keyboard. Touchscreen keyboards are alright for texting and the occasional email, but I’d rather have physical keys. Plus, after having the Bold for several years, I thought the Classic would be a continuation of what I loved, but modernised.


In short, the Bold is a compact, adroit little piece of machinery and the Classic is big and clunky. I wanted to try again with an “Amazon approved” sale of a used Bold–or even a Galaxy S5 (which still looks big, compared to the four…but it’s been a while, too)–but my father, the Keeper of Our Contract, said stick with it.

Until I found an ugly little glitch.

I don’t know what causes this–since no one from the Crackberry forums bothered to get back to me on the issue–but when I try to delete errors, the Classic repeats what I just deleted or what’s already on the screen.


I briefly considered it to be the fault of the app I was using, but given that I’ve used it a ton on my tablet, I have sincere doubts that that’s the case. So I boxed it up (and stuffed the case back in the padded mailer it came in) and tossed it into the mailbox. No second thoughts this time, as when I nearly got rid of my iPhone…it’s gone with the mail.

And I’m still stuck on AT&T. With an iPhone.

I honestly don’t know what to do next. Part of me says to get a Galaxy S5 anyway, because I loved the four and it’s Android; but the argument of “what if it’s like the difference between the Bold and the Classic” still exists. Part of me says to get an iPhone 5S, because even though I don’t like the iPhone comparative to the Galaxy, it has to be a lot like the C (what I presently have, but out of production, which means I can’t get it for one of Verizon’s payment plans) and shouldn’t I go with the devil I know? The third part says, “Screw it all! Get a dumbphone!”, as the basic phone I had before the iPhone is still being sold…except I’d like to have a smartphone, and the complaints I’ve seen on the review page(s) leads me to think LG is producing it more cheaply than the one I got in 2014, which causes me to shy away.


As my mother has taken to saying–or at least she did before I cut things off with her (hopefully for good)–film at eleven!

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