Part 70 of the Phone Saga

I guess when you hear a wireless company say that they'll give you up to $650 for joining (and to handle your early termination fee), you think they'll magickally come to some arrangement with your last provider and you'll never see those ugly ETFs.

Either that, or my dad and I are just giant dorks, I'm not sure which! (You'd think with all this free time on my hands, it would occur to me at some point, but not in the least!)

Dad checked on the AT&T bill (a bundled thing) and it was over $500. Since I was already online (when am I not, when all I get to do in life is grow pudgier and more bored by the minute?), I went and looked for myself.

$285 for Dad's cell, $134 for our (wireless) home phone. (I naively thought all phone companies had a $250 for the whole plan, but must be that's just Verizon! Further research turns up this policy.) Nauseating, isn't it?

For some reason, he doesn't like placing business calls on weekends, even though massive corporations like Verizon are open seven days a week; but must be Evil Price Hikes are persuasive enough, because he called Verizon about five minutes after I encouraged him to find out what we had to do to get the $650. (That and I had hardly been off with them ten minutes myself after canceling my phone order, so I knew there was no wait.)

They gave him the required site and I discovered that not only do you need to turn in a copy of your final bill, but also proof that you handed your equipment over to Verizon. (I already have one recycling box, but since we're turning in three things, maybe it's better that I made an appointment at the Verizon store!) I talked to a chat rep and she said it's something like $350 on a prepaid card and then up to $300 in trade-in credits (which I know are applied to your bill). Mine is worth $55 at last check and I'm not sure if the home phone receiver and Dad's basic phone have a value (he had to have a GoPhone in order to get a basic phone), but we'll find out…hopefully, a little, because it's going to be over $350 in ETFs alone!

I know I probably should've waited until tomorrow to post this, but I wanted to get everything down immediately. Hopefully, there will be no 71…I want everything to be fine for once!

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