Part 70 of the Phone Saga

Apparently, I cannot count, for I very badly wanted to title this "Part 80 of the Phone Saga".


When last we left our put-upon heroine, she was threatening very loudly to never get a smartphone ever again.

Too bad that didn't stick!

After a banner month at work (bittersweet, as my father is a funeral assistant in his semi-retirement) and with pension coming in tomorrow (or today, as it's 12:06a as I start this), my father consented to let me pick out a new phone. I decided on the Galaxy, as that seemed the best idea (as you'll remember from my previous debating) and the down payment seemed doable at $111. (I don't know where I ran across it–maybe one of those notification letters they send you, but if your credit isn't all that grand, you'll be expected to provide a down payment on your device equal to 20% of the retail price.) But when I went to check out, the price skyrocketed to $143.12–and that's without a case!

"Holy crap!" thought I. "Pop's not going to be pleased with that!"

I double-checked my theory with a Verizon chat rep and–sure enough–the buyer pays the tax on the retail price instead of the down price, slapping a royal $33.12 onto the cart, instead of a palatable $6.66. (I am a Priestess of Isis and I do not believe in hell, as you may remember, so that number wouldn't bother me. Besides, I'm not superstitious–I'm only slightly stitious!)

So I did a breakdown of prices and gave my dad about a day (maybe less, I don't even remember, time flies by so fast) to make a decision.

I wasn't going to post this, but why not?

  Galaxy S5 iPhone 5S Basic Phone
Full Price $552 $449.99 $49.99
Down Payment $111 $90  
Monthly Payment $18.40 $14.99  
Tax (Based on Full Price) $33.12 $27 $3
Total Order $143.12 $117 $52.99

(They offered payments for the basic phone, but really, who needs payments on a $50? If that's the case, you should probably be on one of those government phones!)


It might surprise you to learn that Dad approved the iPhone…and maybe not so much to learn that I ran into a repeat of last month's money glitch. (Almost. This time, instead of waiting for his paycheck to make the leap from one credit union to the other, it's just waiting for pension.) He was going to call and process the payment over the phone as soon as the money came through, but I realized that if we're going to get our hair trimmed tomorrow, I'll have him captive and can drag him over to Grand Ledge to get my phone. (Did I mention in previous entries that you're not allowed to add an account manager until after you've been a subscriber for thirty days? So unless I order online or talk to someone online, it been a very long, obnoxious month.)

(Oh and I'm well aware that getting our hair trimmed together makes us sound like an old married couple, just as my mother once said; but if we're both free, we both use the same stylist and he's paying for it, why go separately? Which reminds me…I have to write down the haircut in my loan log. [I keep a record of everything I owe him for.])

He was pretty annoyed to think I was going to drag him over to Grand Ledge ("Why can't you wait?"), but it's amazing how fast his tune changed when Big Ugly Phone Bills are involved.

Off to page two, I think…

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