This means NOTHING!

No, that’s not the title of my latest poem. I’m just trying to say, “Don’t read too much into this, because…”

A. I still consider myself to have a love/hate relationship with Eric. (When I write poetry or think, “Ahh…he’s so yummy!” it’s just leaning more toward love. xD )
B. I wrote this at 2:30 in the morning and even though I’d had caffeine between 11:30 and midnight, I may still have been partially asleep by that point
C. This is the third (poem I’ve written for Eric)
D. This and the last both say “I like you, but go away” at the same time xD
E. You could call it filler for my latest poetry anthology/thingie
F. The first one didn’t make the cut for Barefoot on the Couch (and I didn’t save it, so don’t ask me for it…I don’t even remember what it was called; I just know which one replaced it and it was accompanied by one of my favorite pictures of him)

…and I’m just making a lot of excuses, aren’t I? (*giggle*)

Your uncrush is that person you like…but don’t want to like…but can’t stop liking!

But I felt the need to explain myself before I posted my latest poem (“poemsong”, actually, since it sounds like it could be a Dave Matthews song)…especially since I ended up calling it…

Asleep in Your Embrace


Before I close my eyes
at night, I think of you.
I want to lay my head
in your arms and sleep.
You’re so complicated
and so uncomplicated.
So outside my sphere,
because you don’t care.
All the politics and pain,
you’ve laid them aside.
You are your own man…

But what do I know of you?
You’re clear,
and yet a mystery;
so sweet,
and yet so bad for me.
If you could have me
what would you say?

You’re just a friend,
but when I see
that hand extend
I wonder.
I question.

Maybe this is just
the song of a delirious mind;
maybe I’ll wake up
in the morning
and find
that I’ve said
quite nothing…

So goodnight my love,
please stay afar,
never let me wonder
where you are…
it’s time to end the chase
asleep in your embrace.

5 responses

  1. Nice poem! And we know his sister? Does Taylor Swift have a brother?

    14 Feb 2016 at 11:24 am

  2. Lovely!

    14 Feb 2016 at 11:40 am

  3. Embracing the delirium can crash a chase but make for chaste-song dilemmas and sweet nothings are something maybe

    14 Feb 2016 at 1:16 pm

    • That’s a really mixed-up poetic response, but it works for me! xD

      14 Feb 2016 at 1:19 pm