Disappearing Books

If I were to give advice to any budding author, it would be to never write anything close to the BCE/CE crossover, as calculating your timeline is a bitch.


Okay, I was going to write this anyway, but I was putting it off…until last night, when I looked at Trouble's IMDb page. Mostly to make sure that I was right and it is his sixtieth birthday on Monday, slightly because I wanted to see if there were any television appearances coming up. (I missed one…he was on Scorpion on Feb 29. *headdesk*) That's when I discovered he has a movie coming out next year about Pontius Pilatus. (Not his, he just plays a Roman guard; but still…)

So I'm suddenly like, "Hey! HEY! I know you don't always respond to me, but would you pleasepleaseplease read my last two books? I kind of feel like it's Very Important that you do!"

Ordinarily, I would send him a free paperback copy with Early One Morning and Exilium together and autograph it with my beloved silver autograph pen, but starving artist and all… >.< (Really, though, I would arrange for the current versions to be free through Amazon if he'd just assure me he'd read them!)




What this was really about, though (originally), was the fact that I've opted to do away with Julia, and there are now only four books in my Priestess series.

It's quite sad (to me, anyway), because I wanted to tell how Julia became a priestess and later a high priestess; but once the "how do I explain her being Jewish with a Roman name?" type conflict was over…well, there wasn't a whole lot of meat in it until she met Pontius. And that was going to be the end of the book.

Sidebar and Slight Spoiler Alert!

I decided sometime back that Julia and Pontius met before the big interview scene in Early One Morning…he just forgot. Which, given seven years and the stress of being an administrator in a backwater province where the populace hates you for being there, is completely understandable.

In my world, the officials of various regions of a province come and introduce themselves on a new prefect's first visit to the area, so when Pontius first comes to Jerusalem, the city officials and representatives from each of the religious factions pay a visit to the prefectural palace. (Obviously, Caiaphas would ensure he's first in line–whatever it takes to size up this new prefect as soon as possible.) Given that Aelia has just retired in order to get married, she and Julia go together to be introduced as the outgoing and incoming high priestesses.

And that's all I think I ought to say on that subject!

In case you forgot, however, the elimination of Julia doesn't leave the pre-Jesus days of the series completely in the dark…I'm now pulling The Devil's Bride forward to become the first book in the series. (I was calling it The Devil's Wife for a while, but I keep typing "bride", so that's what it is…until I change it again. *sigh*)

I'm very happy with it so far. Well, if you can count "having no cover concept and having no idea what I'm going to do between having Claudia and Pontius elope and when he's posted in Greece" being happy with it, anyway. What I don't want to do is have a picture of a Roman girl for the cover–that's the basis for pretty much every book on Claudia Procula.

Pretty cover…I never finished it, though, because it didn't hold my interest.

Why a boat?
…and why do all of us novelists have Claudia in love with another man?
(I haven't read this one, by the way.)

This is the one that was batshit crazy.
(Review here.)

The last one looks like it's supposed to be her at Jesus's feet…another Roman maiden cover. (*facepalm*)


I have time, though. I'm not even through the first draft.

Actually, I'm revising my timeline, because I think I made mistakes in the BCE-to-CE transitions. (Had to have Eversmart Cousin help me with that one.)

…and if I ever write a book so close to the turn of an era like that again, smack me. Please.

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