Quoted by Fox News

Being that Fox News is a conservative bastion of…conservativeness (*giggle*)…I don't watch. Ever. In fact, the rare times I watch the news channels, I always go for CNN.

But I also Google myself periodically, and I discovered sometime back–to my surprise and delight–that they'd quoted me for an article!

They are a part of the real Fox News, despite the logo.

See, last February, I was watching NCIS (as I do so faithfully), and CBS showed a promo for the series finale of CSI, at a time we were all expecting a season finale announcement. So Fox caught me and a few others freaking out. (I was talking to CSI star Elisabeth Harnois, who played Morgan Brody.)

CBS hurried to assure us that February 15 was the season finale…

"We would never cancel a show in a promo five days before broadcast,
especially one that has been this important to the [n]etwork,"
lied CBS Executive VP for Communications Gil Schwartz.

Okay, maybe not an actual lie…maybe it was just leaving out part of the truth. The next episode–"The End Game"–was the season finale.

However, the network canceled CSI right after that, so in a way, it was the series finale. Most shows don't get wrap up movies like CSI: Immortality, after all.


Excellent job using one of my own tactics against me, ye villains!

Oh and in case you missed it in February (and/or September…I don't remember…):

My precious uncrush was the father of the Gig Harbor Killer (and GHK's twin).

I think this is a legit shot from the finale…I can't remember!


…and that's all she wrote…

…at least until I attempt to destroy the world. 😉

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