If I can’t read, no one should!

I guess this bitch forgot about the days where bards told their stories for nothing more than a meal and a hearth to sleep beside overnight.

Or doesn’t care about the people who live in the country and aren’t permitted to work, so they can’t afford the gas to drive to the library.

Or about a million other things I’ve mentioned in the copyright thing that I’ve since taken down. (It’s not that I don’t feel that way anymore; it’s more that the site I was posting my free books on suddenly changed its name and wouldn’t give me an explanation when I asked, so I’m not specifically mentioning them in my rights blurb any longer.)


I’m pasting this here rather than doing “press this”, because I don’t want it to give her a pingback and have her and her little friends jump in my shit. I’ve had quite enough on the subject, thanks. (This is by author Sarah Madison.)

N.B.: I removed the editorial a year later because I didn’t want it stinking up my page. The short form is that she was whining about people pirating her books instead of buying them

Boo fucking hoo–I can’t even get people to pirate mine, let alone buy them!

Since that was shared on Facebook by an author I used to like, I penned a quick, snarky reply before I unliked her page.


Dear Novelist Who Got a Real Publishing Deal:

You who make any money at all are giving those of us who could never get a book deal or more than two or three readers at a time a bad name. I could carry on about you and your bitchy friends writing posts like this when some of us can’t afford to go to the library and aren’t permitted to work (much less volunteer) due to pending litigation [but I won’t waste my time].

Your Lesser Known Novelist Friend

P.S.: I’m glad we’re not actual friends, since you’d be pissed to high hell to know that I downloaded all of the [trilogy she just finished] books. (And I’m glad I did, because the last book stunk!)


(That “bad name” comment was sarcastic, by the way.)

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