It’s not over ’til we’re dead!

Sit down, shut up and hang on, 'cause it's time for a political rant!

(If that doesn't inspire mad cheering on your part, feel free to leave.)



Okay, so we kind of blew the "no break" part of #nobillnobreak; but if that chickenshit bastard left town for the next thirteen days, I wouldn't camp out in the House, either. (Besides, he's probably cooling his heels on a beach somewhere and laughing at our efforts. Dumbass.) Especially if the bed in my Georgetown apartment had been texting me constantly since 3:30 this morning! (gigglefit)


In case you missed it, Baby (that's what I was calling him yesterday–Chickenshit is today's name) called the House to order at about 10:15 last night and tried to vote on…*checks the Clerk's notes*…House Joint Resolution 88.

See, the Democrats were so loud that I had no idea what was going on until the C-SPAN anchor said something. xD (And even then, I wasn't really sure what was going on.)

Anyway, I guess Pete Sessions (R-TX) tried again to accomplish something at 1a (I wasn't watching this time); but it was clearly the same as before, because the notes say he threw up his hands and said, "We're done until 2:30!"

(Okay, the notes don't actually say that…call it a little creative license with the formality of the Clerk's Office.)

Anyway, they were recalled at 2:30, the (brave) House Chaplain was there to give the prayer, they did the Pledge of Allegiance…and failed to get any work done. So the chairman scolded them for broadcasting via Facebook and Periscope when it was against the rules and the house was re-adjourned 'til July 5. (The Clerk's Office says they're going to meet again tomorrow morning at 9, but if that was truly the case, the sit-in wouldn't be on break!)

Yes, break.

And if anyone dares to tell me that it's over (like so many news outlets…dear Goddess, it's annoying!), I will break their faces.

The sit-in was started by John Lewis, of all people–the civil rights god and political father of our time. If he says they're on vacation just like Baby, then they are, and you'd better believe they'll be back and better than ever in July!

Before I get started on callouts (first to my team, then to the Rethuglicans), I'd like to share something funny I saw on Twitter yesterday:

Boehner is sitting back with a smoke and a tumbler of single-malt going, "How you like the job now, wonder boy?" #ZippityDoDah ~@TheAuthorGuy



Michigan's Amazing NBNB Team

First let me say that I'm madly in love (as much as you can be with a politician) with Dan Kildee out of our fifth district [Flint ~ Saginaw ~ Bay City]. He shared with us every little thing he saw last night, retweeted supporter after supporter and was just amazing. I know I wasn't the only one saying "I wish you were my rep!" last night–especially since I'm stuck with a Rethuglican. (That nickname was made up by my friend Denton, by the way.)

Next shoutout goes to Sander (Sandy) Levin, out of district nine [Royal Oak ~ Madison Heights ~ Warren]. I am completely and shamelessly biased in his favor, because his little brother Carl used to be our senior senator and I've always thought Senator Levin was pretty damn awesome. (Time compared Carl to a faithful watchdog in 2006, an article I loved to pieces.)

There is no doubt in my mind that if the senator was still in office, he would've joined his big brother on the floor last night, because that's the way Carl Levin is. ♥

I don't want to save the women 'til last, so let's make this next shoutout to Debbie Dingell of the twelfth [Ann Arbor ~ Dearborn]. [That's her in the center.]

If you thought two brothers representing Michigan's interests was cool; how about Debbie, who–when her husband decided he wasn't going to run for re-election–said, "Me next! Me next!" and the voters said "okay"?

​Next, I tip my hat to the amazing John Conyers [thirteenth – Detroit], who has been in the government for over fifty years! Today, I learned that he (or she) who has been in office the longest is awarded the title Dean of the House of Representatives. I wish it meant "has permission to spank the speaker's sorry ass", but the dean only has the misfortune of having to swear-in Chickenshit.

But at least he gets the best office, parking spot and so forth…

 I wish I knew more about dear Brenda Lawrence out of the fourteenth [Auburn Hills ~ Southfield], but as long as she's fighting the good fight with the rest of the team, it doesn't matter a great deal to me!

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