Daya’s Playbook

"Like, OMIGAWD! I can't believe I won prom queen! the presidency!"

"I know, right? Like, how crazy is that?"

*girly squealing and jumping around*

"Wait! I'm, like, president? What am I, like, supposed to do next?"


Sadly, that's not a bit of the next Legally Blonde movie, it's the functional equivalent of what's going on in Manhattan right now as You Know Who and his buddies try to get a handle on "this president thing". (Besides, let's be honest with ourselves: even without having served as a congressional page in the second movie, Elle Woods is still way more qualified for the presidency!)

After I crawled into bed yesterday morning, I thought, "Who would I want in my cabinet?"

See, the first thing you have to learn about Capricorns is that most of us are organizers. I mean, I can go off into Leoland sometimes (I'm a Leo ascendant), but if I'm passionate about something, watch out for the fragging sea goat!

Seriously. Within forty-eight hours after the end of the election, I'd probably have a spreadsheet indicating who I wanted to call up, why I want them, when I made the phone call, and what they said in response. NONE OF THIS WILLY-NILLY EATING OF THIRTY-TWO DOLLAR HAMBURGERS!!!

You can laugh (I am), but it's true! I would've celebrated with a nice dinner as soon as I'd gotten a sufficient amount of sleep after the election, then sat down to work.


If you guessed I'd call Hillary up first…not quite. I'd call her second. She's a former first lady, former senator, and former secretary of state–it would be extremely foolish not to have her on my transition team, at the very least.

(Plus, she would probably have ideas on who to call next…see below.)

(Pardon a random line here…trying to get my pictures to line up neatly can be a headache sometimes…)


If you remembered that I'm from Michigan and suspect that I might have called on Jennifer Granholm (Michigan's first and only female governor) after I drifted back into consciousness, give yourself 39,357 points. You rock!

Surely her experience as governor would be a valuable asset when I'm starting out as president-elect. Plus, she and Hillary would probably have some more suggestions for cabinet members outside of "every female (Democratic) governor since 2000 and all the men who submit letters of interest and their resumes"

(Yes, I really laid there and thought about all that!)


In case you're wondering who would be on that list (including all those whose terms ended 2000 or later):

(I realize some of these women left their posts for cabinet positions in the first place, so in some cases, they'd be staying in or returning to former spots)

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