Costumes or Comedy?

It's that time again! Parade of Nations…let's go!

No Egypt, Ireland or Greece this year, though…boo. Also, I hope the pictures will hold up this time–I went to look at the last round of critiques and most of them were missing! (Cosmo provided this round.)

America called–we want our pheasants back! [Argentina]

 photo missuniverse-argentina-1485542826_zpstvc7a7tg.jpg


Are…are you that desperate for tourism, Aruba?

 photo Aruba_zpshwrh8qjz.jpg


This almost made the No Words list. But I have words.

A scene from The Sound of Music, Austria?! What the heck were you thinking?!

 photo Austria_zpsn4rufjrf.jpg


Dear Parrot: please keep your Belize at home. Oops! I mean…

 photo Belize_zpsm7st51jz.jpg


Every year, someone thinks they have to be a sexy crow. This year, it's Brazil.

 photo Brazil_zpshxpsqrd7.jpg

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