T-25 Days!

I am so not ready for this…

When I had this made in 2010, I said that there was no way I’d ever have Jamie “autograph himself”…I’d be too embarrassed, it would be too awkward, etcetera. Yet here I am, planning to let this little guy stow away on the plane with me…and wondering if Jamie is going to think I’m a psycho stalker chick (and maybe go the way of my former Grey-Eyed Monster).

I haven’t been blogging much lately, which means I haven’t said anything. Which means you have no clue that I’m talking about the fact that I’m leaving for Cleveland next month…or that I’m taking the risk of dissolving into teeny, tiny pieces in front of my Hollywood crush/muse/whatever the hell he is at this point. (There’s more to my fear than that, but I can’t elaborate…at least for now.)

When I got disability back in October, I made up my mind that as soon as I saw an announcement for whatever convention Jamie was at in 2017, I’d go. I’m guessing it was probably less than a month after that that I heard he was going to Wizard World Cleveland, but I was still searching for a car, so I put it off–at least to the point of sending a little prayer out into the Universe and saying, “If You give me a car payment, I’ll stay home.” Didn’t matter that I could probably afford the trip anyway–this was fear talking.

So when the government graciously gave me my back SSI in a lump sum, I had a joint stunned moment of, “I’M GETTING A CAR!” and, “I’m going to Cleveland, aren’t I?”


Fast forward to today…Wizard World New Orleans is over. Wizard World Portland ended at 7p today [my time] (assuming it’s running the same hours)…which means that there’s less than a month until Wizard World Cleveland. YIKES!

My packing list is ready. I’ve been booked for flight, hotel and con tickets since December. I have one shirt purchased, one shirt that needs to come back in a slightly bigger size, and one shirt that I’m having custom made. (No Dexter or Mortal Kombat shirts–I decided I didn’t want to be “that kind of fan”.) I’ve already made a list of things to do in my spare time, or if I get bored with the con before the end of the weekend (“spare time” means “from the time I wake up Friday until the doors open at 5p”). A few days ago, I looked at restaurants near my hotel, so I had an idea of whether I should walk, Uber, or pray for delivery. (I’m staying about twenty minutes away from the convention center, so I’m not even in Cleveland proper.) The only things I can’t buy in a store are courage…and what to say so I won’t look stupid!

Here are picture of the shirts I’m going to wear…I originally had issues planned for Friday and the kitty for Saturday; but then I came up with the idea for the custom shirt today (mock-up isn’t complete yet), so I don’t know which day I’m going to assign it to. (I’m going to stick to normal shirts for traveling…I just wanted a few cool ones to wear as I walk the floor!)

(Can’t get the images to stop sitting on top of each other…probably the site layout!)

I have the “mystery shirt” laid out, I just have to decide which artist I’m using for the image, and straighten up the wording when I have the picture placed. All I’m going to tell you is that it has to do with being a polyglot and a novelist. You’ll see soon. 😉

P.S.: Here’s an adorable shirt that didn’t make the cut due to not wanting to be “that fan”:

(I had to shrink it so it wouldn't kill the page…it's Pikachu-as-Raiden)

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