Fake Commandments (and Other Funnies)

I confess to being terrible at blogging lately. I owe everyone an explanation as to what happened with Cleveland–or at least those that didn't see what happened on Facebook–but I'm just too damn addicted to my games lately to blog, or accomplish much of anything else.

And yet, I still have time to slap something together with the fake commandments that are trending on Twitter! (But that's partially copy/paste, so it cuts down on time.)

What happens if we mix the second commandment with the second amendment?

What if Hashem was a Southerner?

These simply make me snicker:

This new beatitude seems like a good one to keep around–especially for those who work in retail!

Don’t forget mine!

Greg you know about, but the lovely Tom Ellis, from Lucifer? Him, too.

I couldn't find one of him in costume, so here's one of him cruising on his current show:

This one, I'm sorry to say, we've all (surely) broken–especially those of us who got broadband after our neighbors:

Hope you enjoyed these! If you celebrate the holiday, have a good day with your family. ♥

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