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Same Man, Different Story

In case you're wondering what happened to my excitement about Wizard World Cleveland (and why I mysteriously stopped posting about it), Jamie canceled. In fact, out of four cons this year, he's done a bunk on half. (I'm waiting to see what happens in two weeks…if it's a success, he just has a problem with Wizard World.) And–to add insult to injury–I found out about it on a day that was already full of high winds, cat worries and panic attacks. (Ugh!)

If you recall, I was supposed to head to Cleveland over the weekend of March 17. On the eighth, I started seeing rumors floating around the internet that Jamie (and MCH) had canceled, but with no explanation to what had happened. Sure enough–their pictures were gone from the WW website. It took more than twenty-four hours for the convention to come out and say something, by which time I'd already read it on other sites. MCH had booked a movie and Jamie had a "movie opportunity", leaving Jaime Murray and Jen Carpenter by themselves. (Jen was completely alone in STL, as Christian Camargo backed out even before that point.) Yeah, well, now I think the "opportunity" is a lie his agent told WW (and I don't care if he ends up reading this), because I doubt he has to audition for things very much anymore; and even if he does, I imagine he usually gets the part, which means he wouldn't have showed up for a con the following weekend!

That's right. He actually attended Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Chicago the weekend of the twenty-fourth. I was already angry at him to begin with, but I would've played hell to pull a turnaround in less than two weeks to go to Chicago–especially since I was convinced he'd get the role and not show up. (*growl*)

Oh, he didn't show up, all right. To WW-STL! This time, there was nothing in advance. The only way I'd discovered he'd done another bunk (and concluded therefore that he probably just didn't like Wizard World) is that I started hearing that he'd shown up for a movie screening. In Los Angeles. I checked the site and sure enough–his picture was gone.

(Honestly, it's a good thing I'm going to be a melty mess in two weeks, or else we'd end up Having A Talk, and security would probably kick me out for "causing a scene".)

Fortunately, I have very little faith in my self-confidence and bought travel insurance because I thought I'd back out. (Plus, being March, there was also the probability that it would snow so hard my flight would be canceled, in which case I'd be covered for hotel, food, etcetera. But I wasn't thinking of that part when I bought it.) My flight came back as a voucher to be used by December 7, and Travelocity will pay the $200 rebooking fee. (I'd like to see my friend in Minnesota, but she hasn't been online in more than a month, so I might end up going to Vegas for the first time in nearly a decade.) The hotel was a total refund, and I managed to sell my weekend pass at a loss on Craigslist. (Buyer: This price is probably too low… | Me: You're the only offer I've gotten and it's still better than losing money. Take it!) My only losses, then, were on the pass and the business cards and shirts I bought.

At least until the middle of last month. (Anyone that says the number thirteen is unlucky can shove it…or they can on the twenty-second when this is all over and has been a success.)

Thursday the thirteenth (of April…only slightly less scary [*giggle*]), I saw a press release that didn't make any sense…it was just kind of a half-assed bio (of Jamie). Then, in the header, I see "Motor City Comic Con".

"Really?" said I. After all, there is only one Motor City, and it's in my dear, beautiful, (fucking) beloved MICHIGAN.

Checked the site. Sure enough.

hate GIFs, so you know how important this is to me…

I wanted to wait until they posted panel info, but after they told me that they're not doing it 'til Wednesday (they are soo much more responsive to fans than WW), I decided to take a risk and buy tickets for Friday and Saturday only. Originally, I was just going to do Friday (Jamie being the most important…the other celebs and the merchandise not so much), but then I realized that all the good panels will probably be on Saturday. (I'm also hoping for a Hearthstone tourney, but I don't think I'm going to be that lucky.) So I’m leaving for Novi Thursday the eighteenth and I’ll come back on Sunday the twenty-first. (Unless there is a tourney and it runs into Sunday [and I’m still in it at that point]. Then I’ll make other plans.)


Aaand I just lost my train of thought while I was eating lunch. Oh well…you have the basics. Wish me luck!

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