P-L-U-M Spells Relief!

Usually when I read, I try not to do two thematically similar books in a row unless they’re a series–and sometimes, not even then. This time, though, it wasn’t enough.

Since Alison Weir’s A King’s Obsession came out a month or so ago, I thought it would be a good idea to reread The True Queen first. So I read both, and got through Three Dark Crowns  before starting into Pour the Dark Wine. I feel like I didn’t even read 3DC, though, so my head is all flubbed up with stuff from the Tudor era.

Definitely time for Takedown Twenty! I thought. (If you’ve never read Janet Evanovich’s books, they’re light and funny–great even if you don’t like mysteries!)

First page, a giraffe goes galloping down the street.

First chapter, someone is mysteriously murdered with Stephanie and Lula nearby.

Oh Goddess, is it good to be back in the Weird World of Stephanie Plum!

That’s Kat Heigl from the 2012 movie

Small Squee

Ahh! Look at Auntie Jane! (First picture.) That cover looks great! Only…*counts on fingers*…ten months to go! (May 2018)

I guess we’re not going to see Road to Somerset before then. Not only is it not yet listed on Amazon, but Janet Wertman hasn’t had much to say except “working on it!”

Small Rant

Now that I’ve read nineteen of the books, I’d have to say that Kat Heigl is not my first choice for Stephanie. The character is definitely more Sara Rue’s cup of tea.

(Speaking of Sara, look at that picture! Dayum!)

I don’t mean to typecast her, but I can just imagine her kicking ass, taking names…and messing up several times per book. (*gigglefit*)

But if you’re going to have Sara, you should definitely bring back her Less than Perfect costar, Sherri Shepherd!

(Look at that costume from Beauty Shop! If you’ve read even one Stephanie book, you know that Lula would love that pink hair!)

I mean, I discovered how great Yvette Nicole Brown was in The Odd Couple, but–

Oh. Wait. Yvette is also 5’1″. Neeever mind!

Either way, I could totally imagine Sherri in the role.

Who would play Ranger? I don’t know, but I can confidently say, “Not Daniel Sunjata!”

I’m sure he’s a nice guy and everything, but I imagine Ranger to be a mix of Mark Consuelos, a tiny bit of Mario Lopez, and maybe some other Latin cuties that I’ve never seen before–and Daniel is not it!


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