Medicare is NOT Awesome!

So far, it’s only a giant pain in the arse and makes me miss being Medicaid-exclusive.

And it’s not just me. My grandma complains about it all the time. Last year, my dad was having financial issues and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

“You’re on Medicare now and your copays have gone up,” I reminded him.

But suddenly having copays and deductibles to deal with isn’t my problem–it’s my care going woggy!


Medicaid Primary

Medicare Primary

Medical Free [1, 2] Free–so far
Dental Free Not Covered
Vision Free Not Covered
Chiropractic Free
(Max 18 visits)
$8.01-$40.01 [3]
Mental Health Free

(Max 20 visits)
Prescriptions Free $0-3 [5]

[1] The state was supposed to bill me for copays every three months (for everything listed here), but since I was broke, they gave me everything for free. In fact, they billed me $8 once, then wrote me a few months later to give me the money back!
[2] As long as you picked the right provider(s) for everything.
[3] I now have to be in pain to get them to cover the bulk of the cost.
[4] Depends on who you see. In private practice (and after paying my deductible), it was $23/session. At a public/low cost clinic, it’s free.
[5] My happy pills cost $3/90d at Walgreens, and are free at Walmart–possibly because the latter already charges $4 for that generic. (Unfortunately, I’ve also got a separate headache with WM right now.)

I’m sorry…what part of losing coverage is “awesome”? What part of having to jump through hoops is “awesome”? What part of my father having increased costs is “awesome”?

And how exactly does this person think it’s “awesome” when she’s not even on it? She works for a man so wealthy that he drives a fucking Jaguar! She probably has a really sweet private plan!


Don’t listen to the people who shout, “Medicare for everyone!”

Unless they fix dental, vision, and other non-inclusive things before handing it out to all and sundry, Medicare is NOT awesome!

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