Splitting Rage

See this girl?

Images from Inside Edition

This is Ally Wakefield, who suffered significant muscle tearing and a strained hamstring after a dozen girls held her down into splits, despite crying out in pain and begging them to stop.

The dumbass to the right? The coach who told them to do it!

And it wasn't just her–there are other videos showing other girls being tortured in the same fashion.


So the internet was supportive and said that coach Ozelle Williams should be fired, right?

Of course not! People actually said, "If she can't do the splits, she shouldn't be cheering."

Excuse you me? I used to have to do splits for warm-up in dance and I didn't have a dozen people holding me down because THAT'S NOT FUCKING WELL HOW IT'S DONE!


Parents might argue, "Don't punish my precious baby! She was only doing what she was told."

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

By the time you reach high school, you should be able to think clearly enough for yourself that if you suspect you're hurting someone, you stop hurting them and refuse to proceed any further. I don't care if it's a cop holding a fucking gun to your head. DON'T DO IT!

Every girl that held someone down should be expelled. Zero tolerance.

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