It’s Here!

I have it! Susie's Super Special Card of Superness is finally here!

(That's more of a "I've been waiting years to get one" finally here than a "boy, the mail is slow"–she just drew names Friday!)

Pink ink, even! I don't like pink, but I love the special attention. ^_^

Also, "pink ink" is fun to say. xD


In case you don't follow Susie, she's an aspiring novelist (here's some flash fiction from 2015), an illustrator, a five-time featured blogger here on WP (I think the linked entry is where I climbed aboard the Wild Ride), a world traveler and a breast cancer survivor.


I don't know how in the names of the gods she always manages to come up with illustrations for her family's Christmas card, paste them in and send them off; but she does, and whoever guesses the subject of each year's main image gets a card, too.

No, I didn't manage to guess skiing (I chose Paris), but Susie had two extra cards this year, so she drew names and mine was one.


So why is a Christmas card so special to me when I (technically) don't celebrate Christmas, and I generally say cards are a waste of tree?

I guess it's just the time and effort Susie spends to make such amazing cards for family and friends that makes me feel that anyone who receives one is very lucky indeed.

(Seriously, if people don't save these things, they're batshit crazy.)

I could probably do something similar with poetry, but I can't poem on command, and what's a card without images?

Plus, I don't have many people to send cards to, and (I'm guessing) all the "family cards" have my name signed to them, so it's kind of unnecessary.

The other big surprise of the season?

My dad announced that he wanted to celebrate the Solstice with me by opening a present on that day each year in the future.

(Along with our stockings on Christmas Eve and another present Christmas Day.)

This from the same man who told me twenty years ago that I was "going to hell" for my beliefs.


I don't think he agrees with me about no hell and no devil; but after twenty years of struggles between the two of us (finances, my mental health, his fibromyalgia) and seeing that the world is a progressively nastier place; perhaps he, too, believes that there is plenty of evil in the hearts of men.

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  1. Thank you so much , Daya!!! I’m so glad you won and received the card. Happy New Year!

    26 Dec 2017 at 6:21 pm