Wait, WHO?

There's a new…(old…old and paying attention to?)…Dear One in my life, whom I shall refer to by his "altworld"(/roman a clef) name of "Asher". (I'm very shy about saying I like this gentleman. So shy, in fact, that only my best friend knows exactly who, and even then, I refer to him by a nickname most of the time!)

Anyway, I was thinking about Asher and how he's worked with a lot of big names (Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger, for two, when I first discovered he existed1), and I wondered how it is that he's had so many big titles compared to Jamie. (Happy birthday to my main man, by the way–MWAH! ♥) I'm guessing it's because Jamie is considered a character actor and Asher is what I'd call a "utility player"–he can be a "that guy" anywhere, and Jamie is usually cast as a villain, or a minion for the actual villain.

Which made me think about the fact that even if I were willing to share Asher's real name, most people would go "Who?"

So I decided to see where IMDb ranks my favorites (read: people who have altworld names, because I hope my favorites are all there) on their Starmeter as an exercise in checking their name recognition. (My Lady even gained #1 this year before Star Wars chopped her down with its giant lightsaber!)


A few things:

  • These will be organized by IMDb’s rating, not mine, and I believe the meter spots are calculated by user clicks. (Although if they have a special title like “My Lady”, you know they rank pretty highly with me!)
  • There will be pictures. (Of course!)
  • I’m going to try to force my braincells into telling me where I first saw this person. It may be difficult.
  • The ratings are current as of December 31, 2017. (I don’t know if they fluctuate daily or hourly…I’ve never paid that much attention.)

…aaand let’s do it backwards. The lesser known person first. Starting with the honorable mentions.



1Thought I first discovered. After reviewing his filmography a little more carefully, I realized that I saw him in a movie before the one I was marking as the starting point. 

Honorable Mentions

These people didn’t make the list because I like them for shallow reasons, like “he’s cute” or “I like his voice”. Heck, there are several Star Wars people on here just because I’d like to be friends with them! (Not that that’s shallow…I just didn’t want to put them on the main list.) Starting with someone who might not even be on IMDb…


Brad Little (*): remember my 2015 entry “Old Stories I Tell Myself“? Same gentleman.

Even though I’ve only seen him once, I felt like I should include him because he’s very good at what he does…and let’s face it: a Phantom-based sing-off with Gerry Butler would be out of this world!

First Glimpse: 2004 touring cast of Phantom of the Opera

Howie Dorough (*): is on IMDb (thanks to talk shows, a guest appearance on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and this summer’s Big Star, Little Star), but his rating is so low because he’s a recording artist and not an actor that I felt like I should remove it completely. Were we able to factor in his musical stardom, I’d hope he’d be in the top 500, if not the top 100.

First Glimpse: em…I have no. Fucking. clue what my first BSB song was. But 1997 is the year, for certain.

(I can’t resist younger, ponytail era Howie. That version inspired Eduardo in my debut novel, after all!)

April Billingsley (10281): this unexpected friendship started when she followed me on twitter and I thought, “I feel like I should know that name!”

IMDb to the rescue! April was playing a significant role in the Sunday evening drama I was watching and I didn’t even know her name! (I’m usually good at learning the names of the actors in the shows I like…I guess I hadn’t gotten that far with Resurrection yet?)

So I followed her back and added her on facebook, where I’ve watched her career from the sidelines ever since.

Special Nickname: AB
(What, just because I’m a novelist, I’m supposed to be creative? You’re talking to someone whose favorite “cheat” is to take the initials of the actor the character is standing in for and come up with a new name!)

First Glimpse: Resurrection (2014)

Charlie Shaughnessy (4111): did you know that “that guy from The Nanny” is actually a noble? (If you didn’t read my short story “His Last Love”, you might have missed it!) His ancestor (a second cousin) was a Canadian railway magnate was made a baron under George V, so Charlie’s full title is “Lord Charles George Patrick Shaughnessy, Fifth Baron Shaughnessy of the City of Montreal in the Dominion of Canada, and Ashford in the County of Limerick [Republic of Ireland]”. Whew…see why he goes by Charlie? xD

(Sidebar: I wouldn’t worry about Wiki saying there’s no heirs. Even if Salic primogeniture isn’t completely abolished among the nobles by the time Charlie and his brother pass on to the Manor in the Sky [heh], they have enough daughters between them that one of them will surely have a grandson!)

He’s charming and he has a great accent. I guess the only reason he’s not on the main list is I’m not crazy for him…?

First Glimpse: The Nanny, of course! (Even if I didn’t really watch it until I was an adult.)

Mark Consuelos (2853): he’s hot. Kelly is very lucky. The end.

First Glimpse: a lot later than it probably should’ve been! (Honestly, other than Oprah’s live Fridays, I think the only time I’ve seen him in anything is in My Super Ex-Girlfriend with Uma and…some other people who are apparently forgettable.)

Tommy Lee Jones (1359): remember “shallow reasons like ‘I like his voice’? Shallow reason number two, right here.

A fine southern drawl with deadpan southern charm? Count me in.

First Glimpse: Men in Black I


Next: the devil, a sea-faring hunk, and a bunch of ass-kickers!

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