Wait, WHO?

Tom Ellis (881): if you’ve seen the magic that is Lucifer, I don’t have to say much. 😉

Considering I also like Gabriel Byrne for playing the devil (he’s on the main list), do I think both their characters could exist in the same universe?

Absolutely. I like Piers Anthony’s idea of the most powerful beings as a role/office. In fact, my (still unwritten) novel Back from the Edge posits that Satan lost his job when he failed at the end of End of Days and Lucifer took over. (The only difference between now and when I originally came up with that idea is the show…and Tom Ellis. ^_^)

First Glimpse: Lucifer

Sam Claflin (874): (*babbles like a madwoman*)

Amazing how casting the right person can change your perception of a character! In the right hands, Finnick Odair went from obnoxious little shit to…well…look at the picture! (*girly giggle*)

Plus, when it came to Finnick’s pain of being a lust object to the Capitol women–as opposed to being an actual lover–you could really feel the pathos.

First Glimpse: Catching Fire (hopefully not the last! Yum!)

(P.S.: I just remembered when Emilia Clarke did something awesome on Game of Thrones, I said something to him and he hit like. So there’s that happy little moment for me. ^_^)

Gerry Butler (545): great Scot!

(You know I wouldn’t be able to help myself! xD )

What do I like? Easy on the eyes, rumbling Scottish burr, sings amazingly…’nuff said!

(And he was kind enough to stop buy Michigan State’s homecoming in 2010 and yell his catchphrase during halftime. Which gives me goosebumps every time I watch the video. ♥)

First Glimpse: technically Phantom, but I was aware of him before then because of 300

Jamie Lee Curtis (464): my other noble joy! Her full title is “Lady Jamie Lee Curtis, fifth Baroness Haden-Guest of Saling, in the County of Essex”; and the original holder was her grandfather-in-law, a Lord-in-Waiting to George VI, who was raised to his title in 1950.

I think I fell in love with her when she went for her True Lies role with such gusto. Heck, I’ve heard she shocked Arnold so much with her sexy dance in the hotel room that he really did drop the tape recorder–it wasn’t scripted! (Small wonder that’s my favorite scene! Hee hee)

I loved her being on NCIS a few years ago and am sorry they didn’t write her to stay longer…it made me very happy to have her and Mark Harmon together! (Mark is on the main list, by the way.)

First Glimpse: True Lies

Michael Fassbender (339): I was probably 2/3 of the way through watching my sweetie in X-Men: First Class when I realized Michael had an Irish accent. Turns out he was born in Germany and raised in Northern Ireland–hence the lovely lilt.

My saying?

“Fassbender for the accent, Neeson for the asskicking and Byrne for the whole package.” 😉

First Glimpse: X-Men: First Class

Liam Neeson (335): I don’t know. Aren’t his voice and the ass-kicking enough? ^_^

First Glimpse: pretty sure it was Phantom Menace


Next: lots of Star Wars (and Sandy)

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