Wait, WHO?

Sandra Bullock (148): What can I say about this pretty, funny, fantastic lady that hasn’t already been said?

She rated fifth and third in posts where I honored women who are more beautiful than Julia Roberts.

I’m also very much looking forward to Ocean’s 8 (despite not having any interest in the other movies).

That’s pretty much all I can say.

First Glimpse: no idea…maybe Speed 2 during my shortlived WD-40 period?

Lupita Nyongo’o (128): Lupita, Lupita, Lupita…it’s kind of nice to say! (Just don’t say it too fast…you might ruin it.)

It’s also nice that she has such name recognition that you can just google “Lupita” and the search engine knows exactly who you mean.

Sometimes I like celebrities before ever actually seeing them in anything, and Lupita was one of those.

I think I would’ve rather had Maz not show up at all in Last Jedi than being around for such a short time, but I like Lupita enough that it doesn’t bother me too badly.

First Glimpse: technically Force Awakens, but actually all those award shows and publicity photos for Twelve Years a Slave

Domhnall Gleeson (26): sometimes I write little notes while prepping an entry that pretty much sums up the whole of my thoughts on a subject. Domhnall has one of these notes:

I don’t care how fucking famous your father is–when you’ve done both Harry Potter and Star Wars, you win EVERYTHING!

Sorry, Brendan…you might have had the bigger part as Mad-Eye Moody (and an awesome part, too–Moody was such a great character), but in a geek fight, your son’s double-whammy is a deadly combination that simply cannot be overcome! Even if they were somehow able to stick you in Star Wars IX, your beloved son would have the added advantage of being in the series first and being in two movies to your one.

(Oh and Dom’s accent makes me happy. So there’s that, too.)

First Glimpse: HP 7

Gwen Christie (20): a female stormtrooper commander (who suddenly takes them from bumbling idiots to a force to be reckoned with), a woman who comes off as funny and amazing on the red carpet (who wouldn’t want to be Gwendoline Christie’s friend? Really?), and a cloak that Kylo Ren would seriously envy. Dang!

(Speaking of that cloak, I made the picture a link so you can get the full joy of it.)

I’m still not interested in watching Game of Thrones to see her, but that’s okay.

First Glimpse: The Force Awakens

Adam (2): if you do not know who this man is by now, go consume some media. It doesn’t even have to be Star Wars VII or VIII–just pick up a magazine or something. I’ll wait.

In case you haven’t heard by now, he has a shirtless scene in the latest movie. It’s nothing to do with the photo to the left, but that one’s a great example, anyway.

(Especially when I heard people in some theaters actually gasped when they saw him like that!)

Part of me wanted to say, “You big dummy!” when I learned that he had to leave the Marines because he broke his sternum mountain biking…

…but the other part of me finds it very hard to argue when the Universe says, “No, we want you to become rich and famous!”

(*throws up her hands in dismay*)

(P.S.: Don’t like the fuzzface–on him or anyone–but it makes me think of the pirate in Exilium, and I would want him for that role if it was ever made into a movie, so it’s okay this once.)

First Glimpse: The Force Awakens

Daisy (1): fortunately, this is the honorable mentions list, so I don’t have to do anything but put her on here unless I really want to.

(And I don’t.)

First Glimpse: The Force Awakens


Next: the real list!

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