Wait, WHO?

Tim (4241): (I don't like saying his last name for some reason, so that's why I left it out…)

Wow, it's really rotten to sit here and think, "Ummm…" when I try to answer why I like someone.

I think I liked that Nate wasn't some super mastermind; that he had a drinking problem, but he was still able to function brilliantly. (Not that I'm condoning alcoholism, mind you.) I also like that he wasn't an empty commander, that he was able to instruct the team in the fine art of the con, so that when he moved on to other things, his team could fend for itself.

First Glimpse: Leverage

Gabriel Byrne (3290): what do I say about the Whole (Irish) Package?

He doesn't do enough "name movies", for starters. (Most people have never heard of the most important part of my trifecta–gasp!)

Even at nearly seventy, he's still gorgeous! (And retains hints of that lovely Dublin accent. ♥)

I'm sure he still does a smoldering good villain…the best things never change. 😉

First Glimpse: as D'Artagnan?

Mark Harmon (2138): is "gentle steel" an oxymoron?

Well, even if it is, Gibbs has it in spades!

After all, how else can this silver fox be staring down an international terrorist in an interrogation room one minute and be giving his forensic scientist a chaste forehead kiss the next?

Unfortunately, I'll be giving up on NCIS before he does, as the aforementioned scientist is leaving at the end of the season. (Actually, I already have…it just hasn't been the same without Michael Weatherly.)

First Glimpse: NCIS (and last glimpse, and basically every one in between, save for Freaky Friday)

Christian Kane (1918): not only is this man delicious, he's multi-talented!

Need an actor who is an expert at fight scenes? That's Christian's favorite thing!

Want to do a story about some loser stealing the rights to a young lady's song? Christian has a lovely country voice that even Garth Brooks would envy!

(Okay, that may be a little much…Garth is on the very short list of Country Musicians I Can Actually Stand!)

How about catering the wedding of a mobster's daughter? Want someone who can wield knives convincingly on the kitchen set? Christian is your man!

Honest to Goddess, it's amazing that this man isn't married yet. (But maybe he enjoys his own company?)

First Glimpse: Leverage, where he was saving a damsel in distress ♥

Eric Roberts (1662): Snerk. What haven't I already said about this man two hundred and twenty times over?

Cute, odd, easily runs circles around his sister…(taking anything that doesn't offend your vegan morals probably helps…)

I get unnaturally excited to see someone I classify as my "uncrush", let's put it that way. 😉

Oh and what he wrote for my thirtieth birthday?

"GRR! Stop being so fucking adorable!"

Let's not forget that time I got all mushy over him at 2:30 in the morning and wrote him a poemsong that got lots of attention…

I guess I like him a lot…for not actually liking him. xD

First Glimpse: I once thought it was The Finder in 2012, but I actually think I caught a glimpse of him a few times in Heroes (back when I wasn't watching)

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