Mending the Spirit

The New Yorker’s Guide to Heartbreak

Three years ago, my soul was heavy with heartbreak. I didn’t see a way forward, because I’d never been in an emotional affair. I’d heard of them–but only vaguely–and I’d never met anyone who’d been in, either. As with any breakup, I thought there was a way out of it. I wasn’t foolish enough to believe he’d follow me again, but surely he’d unblock me if I apologized!

Eh…the naivete of heartbreak. Three years on and I’m still blocked. I’d say he’s forgotten about me if it wasn’t for the fact that one of my friends has mentioned him unblocking me from time to time (and tagged him in the process).

I still spy on his Facebook page, but not with any regularity. Sometimes months will go by before I think to stop and take a look. I think I had a weak moment last spring where I used my gaming account to wish him a happy birthday (maybe it was the spring before?), but not something I anticipate doing this year.

Why give your love and attention to someone who doesn't give a shit if you live or die, if you can give it to someone who doesn't even know you're alive? No physical affairs, no emotional affairs, just bittersweet, unrequited love.


Speaking of unrequited love, the Clue Space now has open access, and an artistic rendering of Asher and I together on the second page. Good luck naming that name! (Please put all guesses here, not there.)

Free hint? He has an Oscar at home. ^_^


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