Guess Who?

Here's an open secret: the more I like someone, the harder I find it to talk to them.

I've never brought it up before because…I guess I thought I got over it in high school? After all, the last time I had this problem, I was a senior. (I wrote a note to the boy in question and one of my quiz bowl teammates took it to him. *giggle*)

Well, I guess this…romance-induced shyness?…has reared its odd little head for the first time in fourteen years. After all, how do you explain this whole three month long thing with Asher and me calling him Mystery Man?

(Don't ask me why this hasn't come up with Jamie or anyone else…I haven't the foggiest.)


Today's the day! Much to my surprise (and slight dismay), this massive crush has gone one older than Jamie.

(Not counting Gabriel Byrne, because he's not one of my top guys. Remember the honorable mentions list?)

Actually, I was more dismayed to wake up on Jamie's birthday (12/31) and realized I liked someone else. (What the heck, mind?!)

I bet most people don't know who this is:

Yes, another "that guy". His name is Chris, and part of being shy (besides liking him) is that his wife has a small internet presence and I wanted to keep myself to myself. (To the point where, when reviewing her books, I stayed away from Amazon and GoodReads–even though I said nothing about him!)


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