[Candelaria] Death and Rebirth

Or: No, The Patriot is Probably Not Hexed—People Tend to Die in Twenty Years

I’ll explain my method of calculation for that in a minute.

Una Candelaria bendita para ti y a todos sus amigos! As you’ll remember from “Steal Me a Holiday”, Candelaria (or Candlemas, as I called it there) celebrates the earliest signs of spring and the blessing of the fields. Since I’m a follower of Kali-ma, the Hindu Goddess of Death and Rebirth, I thought it might be interesting to mark the arrival of spring with…dead people.

Yeah, okay, maybe I didn’t think that out very well. (*giggle*)

But My Lady would remind us that there is no rebirth without death to fertilize the ground. After all, what is a compost pile but dead food and vegetation?


Maybe it would be better if I just skipped to the meme that inspired me to post:

(It used a different picture, but I like this one better.)

I keep thinking that only three people associated with the movie (directly or indirectly) had passed, but I remembered a fourth that was almost as big as Heath’s.

Before we get into the sad stuff, though, allow me to toss in a picture of Matilda Ledger (and her mommy!) for some cheer:

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