What’s to gain?

Since I turned off the comments for this one, I'm basically talking to myself; but I hope this makes you think as much as it has me. (Also, no pictures.)

When the first of Cosby's accusers spoke up, did they have anything to gain?

Not to my knowledge. I thought there was a show that he might have had coming out, but I only see a Christmas special in 2013. So no, nothing to gain.


What about Nassar?

Oh HAIL NO! He was just a doctor. Not running for office, not a celebrity (until the shit hit the fan), nothing.


Trump, though.

Yes, absolutely. Bear in mind, however, his proclivities were well-known at that point, so it was less "bringing the bugs out of the woodwork" and more "picking up the ant farm and looking at it a little closer".


Which brings us to Biden's accuser…


Joe had been in the Senate for nineteen years at that point. Even if she'd waited two or three years to come forward, she'd still ruin a nice, long career.

But she didn't.

He was vice president for eight years. She could've spoken up at any time and made Obama look really bad for having chosen him.

But she didn't.

She could've said something between the time he said "I'm not running in the 2016 election" and the time he announced his candidacy in the spring of 2019 to ensure he'd never make it.

Instead, she sat on her hands until just now, when it looked 100% positive that he'd take the Democratic nomination, and she had everyone's attention because half the world is checking their twitter feeds more often due to a global pandemic.


Am I the only one who finds that godawful suspicious?

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