Dayanara Ryelle (or D.S. Ryelle, or sometimes even Catriona Cassidy) is a novelist from Michigan who hates writing biographies like this, but accepts that they’re a necessary part of life.

A 2010 graduate of Everglades University, Dayanara’s plans to enter the field of alternative medicine and women’s health stalled when she discovered that she and chemistry were incompatible. After working in the retail sector for a while, Dayanara realized life would probably be better if she were able to go on disability rather than struggle to keep her depression and panic disorder in check. Her sabbatical was granted in October 2016, giving her time to understand that she wanted an MFA much more than it wanted her, and maybe it was time to put a hold on graduate school, too. Still, sanity beckons…which is why she will eventually into billing and coding studies, so that she can work just enough to stave off boredom.

While stress (and much else) has taken a toll on her previous book-a-year pace, Dayanara hopes to release another novel before the end of 2018.

Notes from October 2018: I finally started a certificate in billing/coding on September 10 and will be ready to sit the national exam in September 2019. I am also no where near having a book ready for publication by December 31.


Bachelor of Science, Alternative Medicine – Everglades University


Royal Pedigree: see Silver and Gold
English Royalty by Relation: see Silver Forever

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