Silver Forever

Initially, this was a list of every royal ever that I’m related to–at least the ones I’ve tied into my family tree. But I realized that it would be a great deal shorter (and more interesting to the general public) if I simply made a list of all the (non-Viking, non-commonwealth) monarchs of England and noted my relation to them. (I’ll also note my initial tie-on point in blue.)

[By the way, I prefer to use traditional names where available, as I feel they’re more natural, so if need be, I’ll note how they’re known to the public.]

Williame I de Normandie1 (William the Conqueror) – 28th great grandfather

Williame II de Normandie – 28th great uncle

Henri I de Normandie – 27th great grandfather

Mathilde de Normandie (Empress Matilda) – 26th great grandmother

Estienne du Blois2, Comte du Boulogne – first cousin, 28 times removed

Henri II Plantagenet – 25th great grandfather

Richard (“the Lionheart”) I Plantagenet – 25th great uncle

John Plantagenet – 24th great grandfather

Henry III Plantagenet – 23rd great grandfather

Edward I Plantagenet – 22nd great grandfather

Edward II Plantagenet – 21st great grandfather

Edward III Plantagenet – 20th great grandfather

Richard II Plantagenet – first cousin, 20 times removed

Henry IV Plantagenet – first cousin, 20 times removed

Henry V Plantagenet – first cousin, 19 times removed

Henry VI Plantagenet – third cousin, 18 times removed

Edward IV Plantagenet – third cousin, 18 times removed

Edward V Plantagenet, Prince of Wales3 – fourth cousin, 17 times removed

Richard III Plantagenet – third cousin, 18 times removed

Henry VII Tudor – fourth cousin, 17 times removed

Henry VIII Tudor – fifth cousin, 16 times removed & Jane Seymour – 13th great aunt

Edward VI – first cousin, 13 times removed

Jane Grey – seventh cousin, 14 times removed

Mary I Tudor – sixth cousin, 15 times removed

Elizabeth I – sixth cousin, 15 times removed

James I Stuart – eighth cousin, 13 times removed

Charles I Stuart – ninth cousin, 12 times removed

Charles II Stuart – ninth cousin, 12 times removed

James II Stuart – tenth cousin, 11 times removed

Mary II Stuart & Willem III Nassau-Orange – 11th cousins, ten times removed

Anne Stuart – 11th cousin, ten times removed

George I Hanover – 11th cousin, ten times removed

George II Hanover – 12th cousin, nine times removed

George III Hanover – 14th cousin, seven times removed

George IV Hanover – 15th cousin, six times removed

William IV Hanover – 15th cousin, six times removed

Alexandrina Victoria Hanover (Queen Victoria) – 16th cousin, five times removed

Albert Edward VII Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Edward VII) – 17th cousin, four times removed
(Pictured with Queen Alexandra)

George V Windsor – 18th cousin, thrice removed

Edward VIII Windsor – 19th cousin, twice removed

Albert Frederick Arthur George VI Windsor (George VI) – 19th cousin, twice removed

Elizabeth II Windsor – 12th cousin, once removed4


1Adding an E makes the name Old Norman.

2Stephen is generally considered the rightful king, but I’m one of those rare people that feels it should be the other way around.

3So noted because his uncle stole the throne before Edward could be crowned.

4Not sure how the present queen didn’t end up as my twentieth cousin. It seems like she, too, has a connection to Henry VIII, and that’s how we’re so close.


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