Book Ratings

Harmless: written for general audiences and those who like their books and poetry anthologies tame. I can’t imagine publishing anything rated (H), but I wanted something below (13) just in case I do.


Thirteen and Older: safe for readers ages thirteen and older. Most of my poetry will likely fall in this category, given the fact that I don’t use profanity or talk about sex in explicit terms. (Usually. No guarantee for the future, after all.)


Seventeen and Older: most of my work fits in this category. Books rated (17) may have profanity, violence, sex and other concepts inappropriate for young minds.


Seventeen – Rape modifier: these books earn a separate rating for the disturbing nature of rape. Books that include no depiction of the act, bedroom roleplaying or assault by persons/creatures that have taken the semblance of loved ones are not included in this rating.


Sex/Erotica: theoretical, as the only piece that would go with that is dead (and the other is smut-fanfic)