Flight Rising Awards

 photo Cooking Medal_zpsvtik2qwm.png
Crystalline Gala 2016 — Day VI, Cooking Medal


  • Poached dappled clucker , served with a spinach and chickweed salad (this meal is edible for humans)
  • Chunks of drifting duck  on a bed of rice , with oriental vegetables , in a kung pao sauce (edible)
  • Roasted flecked bushrunner , on a bed of blue parrot tulips , with a cinnamon and aether cherry dipping sauce (edible except for the tulips…I think)

 photo IvN 16_zpso5hbniuo.png
Participant — Ice versus Nature 2016

I think this dominance battle was in March, because it seems like I left for Water halfway through the week. (Oh well!)

 photo MJ DJ Battle_zps4psvn50v.png
DJ Battle Participant — Mistral Jamboree 2016

None of my songs got picked, so all I got was this funky logo.

 photo TC CYOA_zpsxldobhta.png
First to Die — Thundercrack Carnivale 2016

The organizer was kind and didn’t put down that I was the first to die in this choose your own adventure from July. (I was trying to figure out what Andhera was wearing [those are not her usual clothes]…it appears to be a surgestream coat, which was the apparel item for this year’s TCC.)

This came up in trick-or-treating on the fifteenth or so…I already forget whose dragon this is!

 photo 17 Gala Participation_zpsb0fbypgr.png

Probably won’t medal a second year in a row, so enjoy!

 photo Coloring P_zpsgsarupad.png

I received an anonymous Valentine and sent one back: