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A Manifesto of Goodness

One of my dad's coworkers had the audacity to claim that he wasn't a "Good Catholic" because he didn't support Trump.

I don't think a person's politics should define whether they're "good". Which is why I wrote this.

Some (maybe not many) Wiccans, Witches and other Pagans believe that angels are independent agents, rather than being assigned to the Abrahamic god.
Me too. Makes life more interesting, I think.

A good person, whether they be Christian or of another faith, does not deal in absolutes. A good person does not say, “I would think you would follow this politician or that because you’re of a certain religion.”

A good person realizes that the fight for life does not end at the delivery of that life into the world, but that the fight must continue for that life until the Powers that Be declare that life is over.

A good person does not follow someone who declares themselves to be a good person, but who has allowed over 200,000 people to die because of ignorance and inaction.

A good person does not separate families who have struggled to come to this country in a search of a better life simply because they weren’t able to follow the rules due to the government’s neglect of what is often a dire situation.

A good person does not live in fear of words like “socialism” because they were once used in a negative fashion in non-democratic countries.

A good person knows that healthcare is not a privilege but a right, because a good person is a font of compassion.

Miller Fountain at Western Michigan University
(They've redone it since I was last there!)

A good person supports ideas like universal healthcare because it hurts their heart to see someone bankrupted because of medical bills.

A good person doesn’t fight back against things like higher minimum wages and a universal basic income, because a good person does not wish to see others hungry or homeless.

A good person hopes that tuition will one day be lowered or eliminated because no one should be stopped from pursuing their dreams due to their financial situation, nor should they be saddled with unconquerable debt simply because they attempted to be a positive contribution to society.

A good person does not allow the desire for money to override the need to preserve the environment.

This is the tree I named my kitty after!
(It's a Linden.)

A good person does not hate anyone for being transgendered, homosexual or anything else, because a good person loves their neighbor as they love themselves.

A good person does not discriminate against those who are different than them, because a good person understands that we are all equal.

A good person follows good people and trusts fellow good people to do the same, without resorting to attacks or coercion.


Most importantly: a good person does not have to be taught how to be a good person, because they are already doing these things themselves.

I can’t hear myself think…

Sorry for dropping this in here, but I felt like I ought to–despite the fact that it belongs in my diary and is sort of doing exactly what I despair.

I wish I could believe that the world is not going to end, but I cannot convince myself of that. The media and the backlash are so loud that I repeatedly forget that Barack Obama is still our president until approximately 11:59a on January 20¹.  And that’s an incredible disservice to him, you know, for all the things he’s done for us and the love he’s shown us. It's a shame, really.

Would I still leave if I had the means to do so? Absolutely. Past Republican victories have been disappointing; this is on the order of signing a four-year lease to hell. More than that, I could hear myself think. After all, once I hear the latest decisions of the Dáil (or the Seanad)² and learn that it’s going to be a blissful 18°C tomorrow, what need have I for the international news?

Also, for those who missed it the other day, I said the following on Twitter:

I cried this morning because I'm afraid of losing Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. My disability victory is now in the trash. #NotMyPresident

And–although I loathe to give this loser space–some asshole had the audacity to retweet/reply:

I cheered this morning because now maybe the freeloaders abusing programs like Medicare and Social Security will be sent beyond The Wall.

Since I couldn't help but feel like that was directed specifically at me (and not necessarily entirely at illegal immigrants), I said the following just before I blocked him:

I wish you every bit of the abuse, depression, panic disorder and bullshit I have suffered since the age of twelve. You deserve it.

Then, to emphasize my point, I pinned the following to my feed (this is the Facebook version):

Somebody said earlier that he hopes Medicare and Social Security will be eliminated, so that "freeloaders" (like me) will be "sent over the wall".

Really? We're deporting seventh generation WHITE GIRLS now? That's news

But hey, I'll leave quietly…just pay for my plane ticket, hand me €5,000 and please ask PM Kenny to have my citizenship ready? Thanks, luv! •sarcastic kisses•

"PM Kenny" being Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Enda Kenny of Ireland, of course.

Do I really think I'm in danger of being deported? About as much as I think €5,000 is sufficient to start my new life! But you know me when I get angry…



¹ I have no idea when the oath is administered during the inauguration ceremony–I just put that in there because it's my diary and I didn't care to look it up!

² The Seanad is the Irish Senate and the Dáil Eireann is the Irish House.

Things I can’t believe I did…

I know I’m not even halfway to the big quarter century (seven months!); but a recent status update from a friend reminded me of some of the stuff I’ve done in the last 25 years, so I thought I’d share…

  • Read at (at least) a fifth grade level by age 5 (I read a poem at my Kindergarten graduation!)
  • Ate escargot (when I was really, really young…EW!)
  • Conquered stage fright before the third grade (dancing for thirteen years does that to you!)
  • Attended the skiing world cup (Vail, 1999)
  • Played a National Adjudicators’ Invitational event (2002 Dixie Classic)
  • Saw Pope John Paul II while packed onto a Canadian Air Force base with several hundred thousand other people (2002)
  • Went to Ireland as an exchange student (2003)
  • Auditioned for the dance program at Western Michigan University without having taken a single ballet class (dumb, but I’m still proud of myself!)
  • Participated in Harvard Model Congress (San Francisco 2004)
  • Called my best friend from Alcatraz (same trip!)
  • Survived Advanced Placement English (LOL)
  • Made a Macbeth mini movie in 17 hours (for AP English…legendary!)
  • Participated in six beauty pageants (did two twice…I’m not the pageant sort!)
  • Spent five days in Las Vegas by myself (2008…and I’d do it again in a heartbeat!)

How dumb do you think I am?

I’m not going to get too deep into the debate over vaccines…I’m just going to point out a few of the more obvious things.


First, if the “vaccination experts” are swearing up and down that they removed thimerosal and other mercury products years ago, then why are people still lobbying to have it removed?

Second, if vaccinations really are to blame for autism, then why does the disease mostly affect males? Shouldn’t it hit both genders equally? And if the chemicals in these vaccinations are actually the problem, then shouldn’t the effects be irreversible, like with asbestos causing mesothelioma? Why then are people like Jenny McCarthy able to get their children “out” of autism?

As for vaccines being a necessity for a safe and healthy existence, I believe that most are necessary, but some are pointless. Why on earth did they develop a vaccine for chickenpox?! It’s as common as a cold and except for the rare possibility of developing it twice or the occasional possibility of getting shingles later on, what harm does it do? The (standard) flu vaccine is even worse…scientists have to GUESS which four strains will be prominent each year! You’d be further off trying to guess what color a leaf will turn come autumn! I’m not sure Gardasil is all its cracked up to be, either…personally, I’m doing without because it only protects you from four types of HPV–I’d rather “be hung for a sheep as for a lamb” as the old saying goes.

Just because I’m getting my B.Sc. in alternative medicine and want go to (alternative) medical school doesn’t mean I have any intention of sticking my nose up at vaccines–or at least not all of them. No amount of herbs or other “Naturopathic stuff” is ever going to convince me that I’m safe from getting lockjaw (or something worse) if I get tetanus. No “magic tricks” I learn at Everglades or University of Bridgeport (or wherever I go next) will keep me safe if I’m too dumb to get vaccinated for meningitis before I move into graduate housing.

Just because we’re learning natural ways of treating disease doesn’t mean we have to completely turn our backs on “the establishment”–that would be harmful to both us and our patients. If one of my future patients wants an epidural, do you think I’m going to deny her just because I’m a Naturopath? Fuck no! I am a physician first and a Naturopath second–and I think many of my future (and current) colleagues would do well to remember that for themselves.

One Song Meme

Choose a musical artist and use titles from his/her repertoire to answer the following questions.

 Pick Your Artist: Enya

Are you male or female? Miss Clare Remembers

Describe yourself: Wild Child

How do you feel about yourself? Hope Has a Place

Describe your current dating situation: Water Shows the Hidden Heart
I’m in love with Jamie, deep within my heart.

Describe where you currently live: Shepherd Moons
I thought that was an apt way to describe living in the country.

If you could go anywhere: La Soñadora

Your favorite form of transportation: Drifting
Enya doesn’t have any songs about flying (as far as I know).

Your best friend(s): Amarantine
Amaranth is a long-lasting flower.

Your favorite color is: Caribbean Blue
No songs about black/silver here.

Favorite time: On My Way Home
I sometimes daydream on the drive home.

What life is to you: Long, Long Journey

What is the best advice you have to give? Paint the Sky with Stars
That had to be probably the hardest question. What else could I say?

If you could change your name, what would it be? I disqualified myself from this question, having already changed my name.

Thought for the day: Someone Said Goodbye
Referring to David Carradine’s death.

How I would like to die: To Go Beyond
Wouldn’t everyone?

My soul’s present condition: If I Could Be Where You Are
Dreaming of Jamie, of course.