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I can’t hear myself think…

Sorry for dropping this in here, but I felt like I ought to–despite the fact that it belongs in my diary and is sort of doing exactly what I despair.

I wish I could believe that the world is not going to end, but I cannot convince myself of that. The media and the backlash are so loud that I repeatedly forget that Barack Obama is still our president until approximately 11:59a on January 20¹.  And that’s an incredible disservice to him, you know, for all the things he’s done for us and the love he’s shown us. It's a shame, really.

Would I still leave if I had the means to do so? Absolutely. Past Republican victories have been disappointing; this is on the order of signing a four-year lease to hell. More than that, I could hear myself think. After all, once I hear the latest decisions of the Dáil (or the Seanad)² and learn that it’s going to be a blissful 18°C tomorrow, what need have I for the international news?

Also, for those who missed it the other day, I said the following on Twitter:

I cried this morning because I'm afraid of losing Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. My disability victory is now in the trash. #NotMyPresident

And–although I loathe to give this loser space–some asshole had the audacity to retweet/reply:

I cheered this morning because now maybe the freeloaders abusing programs like Medicare and Social Security will be sent beyond The Wall.

Since I couldn't help but feel like that was directed specifically at me (and not necessarily entirely at illegal immigrants), I said the following just before I blocked him:

I wish you every bit of the abuse, depression, panic disorder and bullshit I have suffered since the age of twelve. You deserve it.

Then, to emphasize my point, I pinned the following to my feed (this is the Facebook version):

Somebody said earlier that he hopes Medicare and Social Security will be eliminated, so that "freeloaders" (like me) will be "sent over the wall".

Really? We're deporting seventh generation WHITE GIRLS now? That's news

But hey, I'll leave quietly…just pay for my plane ticket, hand me €5,000 and please ask PM Kenny to have my citizenship ready? Thanks, luv! •sarcastic kisses•

"PM Kenny" being Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Enda Kenny of Ireland, of course.

Do I really think I'm in danger of being deported? About as much as I think €5,000 is sufficient to start my new life! But you know me when I get angry…



¹ I have no idea when the oath is administered during the inauguration ceremony–I just put that in there because it's my diary and I didn't care to look it up!

² The Seanad is the Irish Senate and the Dáil Eireann is the Irish House.

Can you keep a secret?

I may be risking my ass by sharing this thought (as I understand that revenge is nothing new to those to whom I am about to refer), but it has been floating around in my head for about a week now, so I feel the need to say something.


There is a certain group (who shall remain unnamed) that seems to be the epitome of modern secret societies. Since it is an activist group, there is no surprise on my part that it took interest in a recent rape case. At any rate, some of the members of the aforementioned group decided to show up at the courthouse where one of the cases was being heard and start a picket line.

Now, I know that I don’t understand this group (and never will, because I think it’s safest to stay the hell away), but I was under the impression that the point of a secret society is to remain a secret. I realize that this group–like the Masons, for example–are what is referred to as an “open secret”. However, if I were in a secret society, I would “hide in plain sight”, as it were. I would certainly not don a mask and join a picket line! What a wonderful way to get caught!

I believe, from what little I know of the legal system, that as long as this group (at that and future protests) remains peaceful, law enforcement has no right to so much as detain them. Nevertheless, how hard would it be for the press (and some concerned citizens or what-have-you) to form a group, run up to the picket line and reveal their identities to the world? Perhaps I’ve been reading too many books lately, but it seems to me that if law enforcement really wanted to get some good leads, all they would have to do is unmask them, haul them in and have the FBI (or someone) question the hell out of them until they (the FBI) can reach the upper echelons, the members of which have caused so many so much trouble in the past.

But–again–I know nothing of this group, save for what I hear on the news. Perhaps part of their open secret is to not hide in plain sight at all, but to be brash and to stake their claim in the world. Me? If I were them, I’d continue to hide.

Satan ≠ Love



So one of the first things I’m hearing about Pope Francis is that he says not to discriminate against gays, but that gay adoption is unfair to children and that gay marriage is the work of Satan. Wow. Okay. How about I laugh my ass off at you?

First, I don’t believe in Satan. Which is nothing big. Pagans aren’t the only ones…Jews don’t, either. (Although there seems to be some argument with that, depending on whom you confer with.) Second, even if I did believe in Satan, I would certainly think he doesn’t like love. (*insert 90s-ish “oh puke” noises here*) Gay marriage his playground? Hardly!

You know what I think Satan would be into, if he existed? Divorce. “Haha! Let’s make these stupid little mortals get together, think they’re right for each other and get married. I can’t wait ’til they start ripping each other apart!” If Satan is the personification of evil, shouldn’t he, therefore, naturally oppose things like love? One night stands, rape, molestation, pedophilia, rough sex (rougher than standard BDSM practices, I mean)…all that nasty stuff, sure. But love? Pardon the pun, but hell no!

I don’t care what you say…love is natural. Love, compassion, happiness, forgiveness…these are the things that the deities of all religions promote; things that hold the world together. If Satan existed, he’d be on board for hate, greed, selfishness, anger, tears and holding a grudge. Not loving yourself and certainly not loving your neighbor. He probably would think homosexual love is as gross and terrible as the fundamentalists do. In my opinion, that’s the hilarious part. By working against gay marriage, you’re working against the greater evil, not the greater good.

Why I’m Pro-Union

I know it’s useless to pour my heart out. I know that one right to work bill has completely passed, the second is half passed and both are headed for the governor’s desk next week, where they will be signed (as I knew they would be, even before he promised such). Michigan is headed down a nasty, icy slope and only ten Republicans give a flying fuck. But since the Republicans hold the majority in both houses, even ten conscientious gentlemen aren’t going to save things. But I want to share my story anyway.

My father retired in 2003 after nearly thirty-five years with General Motors and he had union support all the way. Given the state of the country before the first union was founded, I have to wonder what kind of conditions my father would’ve endured without the UAW, especially when I consider that he started at GM in 1969. Back then, he was a mere eighteen years old and safety standards were a lot different. Not only does my father make most of his living off the pension that the UAW and GM agreed upon at some point in his career, but the healthcare that the union bargained for is ensuring that he can afford the doctor’s appointments and medications he needs to fight off mid-stage rheumatoid arthritis and advanced fibromyalgia. I’m willing to bet that ninety-nine percent of the Republicans that voted for the right to work bill have never even heard of fibromyalgia, much less experienced it. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy…without medication, fibromyalgia causes terrible pain (enough to drive my father–who rarely cries–to tears at least once in the last fifteen years) and debilitating fatigue.

Where would I be without the UAW? I wouldn’t have a house to live in, because GM might not have given my father a fair wage that enabled him to buy this house. Without a union, General Motors might not have agreed to help its employees with legal issues; which means my father would’ve likely had trouble getting out of his mentally and emotionally damaging marriage to my mother, because he wouldn’t have had the benefit of a company-provided attorney. I suffer from IBS, panic disorder and clinical depression.  Without the medical benefits I received until earlier this year (which the UAW certainly bargained for), I wouldn’t have been able to afford doctor visits, therapy or medication. Thanks to the agreements the UAW made with General Motors, my father was able to send me to Pine Rest Christian Hospital last fall when my depression was at its worst and I was ready to check in. I never thought about it until this very moment, but I think in a way, the UAW saved my life–without Pine Rest, I would surely be buried in Needmore Cemetery right now, not celebrating thirteen months free of suicidal thoughts.


So you can tell me that unions are full of nothing but bloodsucking, mindless, soulless freaks. You can tell me that right to work will bring more jobs to Michigan, because it will make us seem like a corporate-friendly state. But as I live and breathe, you cannot tell me for ONE GODDAMN MOTHERFUCKING SECOND that unions have not only saved my life, but they’ve given me a life to live.

The Zombie Jesus Issue

I get the idea of “Zombie Jesus”–or at least I think I do. And I can see how it’s amusing…and fits right in with the zombie zeitgeist. But Jesus was definitely not a zombie.

(Since I’m not Christian, let’s call this the “Temperance Brennan defense” instead of the “religious defense”.)


I’m not into zombies, but as far as I know, they:

  1. Have a putrid smell
  2. Have a low intelligence quotient*
  3. Tend to fall apart after about half a dozen steps

Based on what I know of the bible, Jesus didn’t fall apart after a half a dozen steps. Or at all, despite the several days he spent with his followers after rising from the tomb. His intelligence and personality seemed to remain intact and I doubt he stunk any more than anyone else did at that time, owing to the amount of baths they may or may not have taken. (I get the idea that even at that time, Jews were into bathing, especially for purification reasons, so they probably didn’t stink very often.)

And most importantly? Even if zombies were real, I doubt they’d get into the Christian heaven (or any of the paradises of any of the other religions), owing to their unfortunate penchants for cannibalism. And Jesus got zapped back into heaven after he was done with his post-resurrection ministry.



So there we go.






* The exception to this is Camille, from the Sienna Miller movie of the same name. She started falling apart at one point and she may have stunk somewhat, but she retained her intelligence, personality and overall appeal throughout the entire story.