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Start Your Engines!

Warning: I'm new to the astrology game, but I wanted to try this because it involves some things I've been studying and I wanted to treat it like a school assignment.

The word goes out that Kim and Kanye are headed for Splitsville. You're a newbie astrologer who only understands a few divorce signs on a transit chart and got a 55% on your zodiacal releasing quiz. What do you do?

Use both methods to come to a conclusion and publish it on Twitter, of course!

(That and keep studying to improve my score, of course. *chuckle*)


Okay, the first thing I did was check Astro's databank for birth information for both of them. Since Kim is the only one with a birth time, I chose to work only with her, so the next thing I would do is erect a chart for her in Solar Fire. (Below is how Astro has it, with her chart adjusted to whole house signs. Click to make it bigger.)

Usually, I'd be concerned that the subject (known in the art as the "native") has moved since birth when working with transits, but I'm going to guess Kim hasn't strayed too far from Los Angeles, so it's going to be easy to erect the transit chart. I'm setting the time for 6:45p my time, because I saw the tweet before I laid down for my nap. Here are the transits (also clickable):

I found this guide back in November, and (lucky for me), there are a handful of things Psychic Scoop mentions that even a newbie like me can handle. The first thing they suggest looking for is,

1. Transits or progressions through the 1st or 7th house by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

The first house is empty, but the seventh house contains Jupiter and Saturn, which gives us a point.

But we're not done with the seventh house, because the second step I can handle is:

2. Jupiter believe it or not tends to bring on divorce – this is due to its expansive nature and if one has been in what they feel is an oppressive situation, they will feel optimistic enough to “break free” at this time – this would be seen by transits to the 7th, ruler of the 7th.

On one hand, I like finding the evidence I'm looking for. On the other? Poor Kim! (Two points.)

Clue number three reads:

3. Dual bodied signs on the 7th cusp (Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces)

6/7 cusp is Aquarius, but I consider both and 7/8 to be valid, and what do we have on the latter? That's right, Pisces. (We're 3/3.)

Then in number four:

4. Ruler of the 7th in a dual bodied sign

Here's our first loss—the seventh is ruled by Aquarius. (But we're still 3/4.)

In five, we read:

5. Venus in aspect to Jupiter, Neptune, Uranus or Pluto

This one gives us a lot of leeway, as it doesn't say what kind of aspect, just "an aspect", and four planets to choose from. Since charts of any sort are invariably a web of lines, I turn to the list of aspects, which has really tiny font. (Alas. There's probably a way to fix that, but I'm too lazy to ask about it.) This one moves us to 3/5, because the only aspects Venus has in this transit are to Selene (the moon), Mercury and Mars.

Actually, we end up washing out totally, because six and seven say:

6. Moon in the 7th house can make one “restless” in relationships, especially if it aspects Uranus

7. Many planets in the 7th house

Moon's in three and there are only two in the seventh, so the final score is 42%. Dismal.

Even though I'm still not the best at ZR, I'll give it a shot. The calculators at Astro Seek tell us that the formula for the Arabic Part of Divorce is Ascendant + Venus – 7th House, which in Kim's chart gives us Aries in the fifth house. Since calculating parts beyond level two is tricky, I'll setup Solar Fire to release from Aries and see what happens. (Clickable, as usual.)

Since the object of this game is to release as close as possible to the present without going over, I clicked 23 June 2003, and discovered that the nearest level 2 hit 21 October of last year and it's a loosing of the bond.

Oops! And what does Professor Brennan say about LBs?

"[They are] a major transition/change in trajectory." (from his ZR keyword list in unit 13 of his Hellenistic Astrology program)

I probably didn't need to go beyond level two once I saw that bond marker, but I wanted to see how close I could get to today's date, so I clicked on 20 November in level three and…do you see that blue mark in the picture?

You got it: a second loosing just arrived Sunday morning at 9:46a.

Which means that even though she scored badly in the transit department, Kim definitely has the indicators of major life changes right now. The door's open for her departure—whether she walks through it is up to her.

Confessions of the Giftless

or: “I was a Fraud, Therefore, Everyone Else Must be, Too”

I recently reread this article after first encountering it over a year ago, and I must say, the idiocy is astonishing. It’s like…you have no gift so you decided to smear the rest of us? Why the hell did you even start if you didn’t care about what you were doing? If you want to play party games, play party games—don’t make a profession out of something that you don’t actually give a damn about.

Here’s some of the crap The Guardian saw fit to print:

I started off with the cards, but then I found out reading people was just as effective.
Congratulations! Cold reading is exactly what bullshitters like you do. Are you proud of yourself for figuring that one out?

I discovered that most of the time, people didn’t want their future told, they just wanted a listening ear.
So are you telling us that you practiced therapy without a license under the guise of fortunetelling? Did you really just admit to breaking the law? ‘Cause that’s what I’m hearing. (Once or twice is being friendly. Doing it every damn day with most—if not all—of your clients is dangerously close to therapy.)

♑☉ + ♌asc + ♐☾

Astrology is just a word association game. It’s not that hard.
No, but your brain apparently is—only an extremely dense person would think it’s “easy”.

She’s apparently never read through an astrologer’s Twitter feed. It’s a completely different language, with different dialects based on what kind of astrology the person uses.

I don’t know why astrology follows a geocentric model when everyone else went to heliocentric centuries ago.
Because it’s based on what’s in the night sky, you bafflingly brainless bitch! You don’t calculate conjunctions, oppositions, trines, etcetera of the Earth because you’re riding on it!

Just like when we manage to colonize the moon or Mars or whatever, some software developer is going to have to remove the celestial object we’re riding on at the time and replace it with Earth. Only then will the Earth have aspects to the other luminaries.

I hope my future commentary on astrology (and divination) will be a lot better. Hopefully I won’t run into any more morons!


Note from 120520: after being introduced to my astrology software, I’ve since learned that a heliocentric model is used for some calculations. However, this woman was complaining about it in terms of “everyone and their brother knows the Earth revolves around the sun”. (Not to mention that a woman who thinks astrology is about “word association” sure as hell isn’t going to be doing complicated heliocentric calculations!)

A Manifesto of Goodness

One of my dad's coworkers had the audacity to claim that he wasn't a "Good Catholic" because he didn't support Trump.

I don't think a person's politics should define whether they're "good". Which is why I wrote this.

Some (maybe not many) Wiccans, Witches and other Pagans believe that angels are independent agents, rather than being assigned to the Abrahamic god.
Me too. Makes life more interesting, I think.

A good person, whether they be Christian or of another faith, does not deal in absolutes. A good person does not say, “I would think you would follow this politician or that because you’re of a certain religion.”

A good person realizes that the fight for life does not end at the delivery of that life into the world, but that the fight must continue for that life until the Powers that Be declare that life is over.

A good person does not follow someone who declares themselves to be a good person, but who has allowed over 200,000 people to die because of ignorance and inaction.

A good person does not separate families who have struggled to come to this country in a search of a better life simply because they weren’t able to follow the rules due to the government’s neglect of what is often a dire situation.

A good person does not live in fear of words like “socialism” because they were once used in a negative fashion in non-democratic countries.

A good person knows that healthcare is not a privilege but a right, because a good person is a font of compassion.

Miller Fountain at Western Michigan University
(They've redone it since I was last there!)

A good person supports ideas like universal healthcare because it hurts their heart to see someone bankrupted because of medical bills.

A good person doesn’t fight back against things like higher minimum wages and a universal basic income, because a good person does not wish to see others hungry or homeless.

A good person hopes that tuition will one day be lowered or eliminated because no one should be stopped from pursuing their dreams due to their financial situation, nor should they be saddled with unconquerable debt simply because they attempted to be a positive contribution to society.

A good person does not allow the desire for money to override the need to preserve the environment.

This is the tree I named my kitty after!
(It's a Linden.)

A good person does not hate anyone for being transgendered, homosexual or anything else, because a good person loves their neighbor as they love themselves.

A good person does not discriminate against those who are different than them, because a good person understands that we are all equal.

A good person follows good people and trusts fellow good people to do the same, without resorting to attacks or coercion.


Most importantly: a good person does not have to be taught how to be a good person, because they are already doing these things themselves.


What’s to gain?

Since I turned off the comments for this one, I'm basically talking to myself; but I hope this makes you think as much as it has me. (Also, no pictures.)

When the first of Cosby's accusers spoke up, did they have anything to gain?

Not to my knowledge. I thought there was a show that he might have had coming out, but I only see a Christmas special in 2013. So no, nothing to gain.


What about Nassar?

Oh HAIL NO! He was just a doctor. Not running for office, not a celebrity (until the shit hit the fan), nothing.


Trump, though.

Yes, absolutely. Bear in mind, however, his proclivities were well-known at that point, so it was less "bringing the bugs out of the woodwork" and more "picking up the ant farm and looking at it a little closer".


Which brings us to Biden's accuser…


Joe had been in the Senate for nineteen years at that point. Even if she'd waited two or three years to come forward, she'd still ruin a nice, long career.

But she didn't.

He was vice president for eight years. She could've spoken up at any time and made Obama look really bad for having chosen him.

But she didn't.

She could've said something between the time he said "I'm not running in the 2016 election" and the time he announced his candidacy in the spring of 2019 to ensure he'd never make it.

Instead, she sat on her hands until just now, when it looked 100% positive that he'd take the Democratic nomination, and she had everyone's attention because half the world is checking their twitter feeds more often due to a global pandemic.


Am I the only one who finds that godawful suspicious?

Death by Citation

Hello, I’m a Slytherclaw. ^_^

Once upon a time, I attended wizard school.

(Have I told this story before? I feel like I have. Oh well, I’m repeating it for a reason.)

(Also, I’m not putting a link to the school because they don’t deserve it and I don’t want to stir up old crap with them.)

Somehow—and I’m fuzzy on the exact details, because this was in 2007—I ended up becoming friends with one of the instructors (different department than anything I was interested in, so no conflict of interest there), who encouraged me to become a teacher’s assistant. Joining the staff meant that everything beyond what I’d already paid for in tuition was free and they would start paying me after promotion to instructor, which was usually about a year after acceptance to TA status and developing your first class. (In fact, they encouraged you to use the year to develop your class so the two requirements would be completed about the same time.)

I was doing well in my classes (to the point where I had two of my three nominations needed for the dean’s list), my aromatherapy classes were developing apace (yup, plural! I had that much material) under the supervision of my department head (I was in the healing division, which is why one of my lesser used nicknames is “Leuca Bleu”short for my wizarding name, “Melaleuca the Blue”*)…and then I met E.


Jaina Proudmore (of World of Warcraft/Hearthstone fame). Not my usual class, but I figured a female mage wearing blue was probably about the closest I was going to get to a blue wizard of the proper gender.

*Each division within wizard school was assigned a color and healing was blue. My minors were herbalism (green) and divination (yellow).

Now I’m not usually one to accuse someone of using untoward means to get to where they are; but if E was willing to blackmail me (and pretend she didn’t), chances are good that she got elsewhere with foul play, as well.

After all, I was down to the last assignment of my last class, both for promotion to level two and securing that last nomination to the dean’s list. What better way to ensure your student will bow down and kiss your hand then to threaten both their accolades and advancement? Of course, E never overtly said that’s what she was doing; but it didn’t take a genius to figure out her intentions, either.

I don’t remember what exactly we were supposed to do; but I suspect it was a lot like the herbarium I’m doing right now for one of my grad school classes, just with a lot less in the way of requirements, and with the information coming out of our textbooks.

Anyway, I turned it in and waited for my grade…only to be told that she “expects more out of [her] adult students” and could I please add some additional information?

That should’ve flagged. Hard.

Like “I should’ve gone running to D (my friend) and said, ‘HELP! E is trying to hit me with a double standard!'” hard.

Or gone to S (my advisor) at the very least.

But instead, I decided to stick it out and do what she wanted. I got out my favorite aromatherapy book, copied out the appropriate information and wrote at the bottom, “This information provided by [title] by [author].”

Probably not the best citation; but given that all the data was copied out of the same book, not the worst—especially when the worst would be no citation at all.

Oh, how wrong I was!

Probably the wrongest wrong I’ve ever been—and that’s even allowing for my failure to report the double-standard-blackmail bullshit E was trying to pull.

You see, there wasn’t a grand announcement when I joined the staff as a TA.

In fact, there wasn’t any at all, if I can remember correctly.

So when E announced to the staff mailing list that she needed help finding the anti-plagiarism lesson because “one of her students didn’t know better” (or some such) and she’d lost it on the forum (where they kept all their important papers, apparently), she had No. Fucking. CLUE that I was aware the millisecond she not only broadcasted to the entire world that I was a giant cheater (which was a horrendous lie that had dire consequences), but displayed her fucking email address (this was through Yahoo Groups) so the shit could hit the fan rather royally.

And boys howdy did it ever!

Lots of caps?

Oh yeah!

At least three profane words?

I’d be shocked if there weren’t!

Statements wherein you [A] Called E a liar; [B] Told E that if she had a problem with you, she should’ve contacted you privately; [C] Accused E of “dragging your name through the mud” or any combination thereof?

[C] Absolutely; [B] Very good odds; and [A] 50/50 probability.

I don’t know how I ever thought railing against her could have ended well; but rage screams first and asks questions later.

I’m sure the first thing I did was get out of E’s class. “If she’s not my teacher, she can’t hold anything over my head and”…yeah, I don’t know how I thought that would work to get rid of the plagiarism accusation. My thought was just to get away from her, find another class and do well so I could get to “second year” and make the dean’s list.

I was going to say that the second thing I did was use my limited TA powers to kick myself out of the class I was subbing in; but now I feel like maybe I was locked out instead. (I don’t remember the nature of the class, but I think it was an easy-peasy one that any Wiccan or Pagan could teach with even so much as six months in the art under their belts.)

And then there was dealing with the Ruling Council of Wizard School—better known as the Dragon’s Eye.

(I don’t remember the name or title of the woman I dealt with, so let’s call her Morgan le Fay and let’s say she was the Dean of Students.)

This is where the timeline gets tricky, so bear with me.

Let’s imagine E didn’t snap back at me but immediately warned Morgan of my rage. I’m sure I got an email from Morgan saying that there was no reason that I should be upset; that all I had to do was complete the plagiarism assignment, and once I’d proven I knew where I went wrong and was penitent, the Dragon’s Eye would almost assuredly take me off suspension and I could get back to work.

Good thing there were computers between Morgan and I so I wouldn’t have to decide whether to smack her, scream at her, or both.

Naturally, I screamed.

I railed at her for siding with E and her double standards, for allowing E to drag my name through the mud with false accusations (that wasn’t an arbitrary statement earlier—I at least remember that much from this whole fiasco), etcetera. I don’t remember if I dropped my classes myself or if they did it for me, but I know I got out and I slept badly that night; and when I woke up (at 7 or 7:30 that morning—that’s how bad it was), there was a message from Morgan in my Hotmail box saying—among other things, I’m sure—that E wasn’t dragging my name through the mud.

As the kids used to say: that’s so funny, I forgot to laugh.

I don’t remember how it ended, but I know I threatened to report her to her ISP for harassment if she didn’t stop talking to me. (Probably not as much of a threat back then as it is now with cyberbullying laws, but it was my go-to to get people to shut up.)

So this is how my papers look nowadays. Here’s the results section from my term paper with the sentences replaced with word count and the citations left in:

[1 sentence] (TRC, n.d.). [1 sentence] (TRC, n.d.). MedlinePlus [sentence] (n.d.). [2 sentences]

[Part of a sentence], Foster and Duke (2000) [rest of the sentence]. [1 sentence]. WebMD (n.d.) [2 sentences]. Hausen [part of a sentence] (in 1996) [rest of the sentence, plus 1 more].

[Part of a sentence] Tenney (2007) [rest of the sentence]. [Part of a sentence], Lawless (1995) [rest of the sentence]. Ulbricht (2010) [1 sentence + large quote]. (n.d.) [1 sentence].

Naturally, I had a professor say once in undergrad, “You use too many citations.”

Amazing how fast he shut up when I told him this story!

Guess what?

When this

is on the line, there is NO SUCH THING as too many citations!

(I’m switching out of MSCAM and starting MSA in the spring, but this was the only ACHS masters I could find. Thanks, Chris!)

P.S. from the following month: Turns out I told this story in 2016. This version is better.

P.P.S. (062220): Now it seems like the class I was subbing for was on the elements. Like I said, easy!

I also left ACHS for SNHU to resume the grad program I left at the end of 2016. (Feel like I should put that in there, because I’m sure I’ll show this to professors as I go. Seems like I’ve already done it at least once.)