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Wait, WHO?

There’s a new…(old…old and paying attention to?)…Dear One in my life, whom I shall refer to by his “altworld”(/roman a clef) name of “Asher”. (I’m very shy about saying I like this gentleman. So shy, in fact, that only my best friend knows exactly who, and even then, I refer to him by a nickname most of the time!)

Anyway, I was thinking about Asher and how he’s worked with a lot of big names (Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger, for two, when I first discovered he existed1), and I wondered how it is that he’s had so many big titles compared to Jamie. (Happy birthday to my main man, by the way–MWAH! ♥) I’m guessing it’s because Jamie is considered a character actor and Asher is what I’d call a “utility player”–he can be a “that guy” anywhere, and Jamie is usually cast as a villain, or a minion for the actual villain.

Which made me think about the fact that even if I were willing to share Asher’s real name, most people would go “Who?

So I decided to see where IMDb ranks my favorites (read: people who have altworld names, because I hope my favorites are all there) on their Starmeter as an exercise in checking their name recognition. (My Lady even gained #1 this year before Star Wars chopped her down with its giant lightsaber!)


A few things:

  • These will be organized by IMDb’s rating, not mine, and I believe the meter spots are calculated by user clicks. (Although if they have a special title like “My Lady”, you know they rank pretty highly with me!)
  • There will be pictures. (Of course!)
  • I’m going to try to force my braincells into telling me where I first saw this person. It may be difficult.
  • The ratings are current as of December 31, 2017. (I don’t know if they fluctuate daily or hourly…I’ve never paid that much attention.)

…aaand let’s do it backwards. The lesser known person first. Starting with the honorable mentions.



1Thought I first discovered. After reviewing his filmography a little more carefully, I realized that I saw him in a movie before the one I was marking as the starting point. 

Honorable Mentions

These people didn’t make the list because I like them for shallow reasons, like “he’s cute” or “I like his voice”. Heck, there are several Star Wars people on here just because I’d like to be friends with them! (Not that that’s shallow…I just didn’t want to put them on the main list.) Starting with someone who might not even be on IMDb…


Brad Little (*): remember my 2015 entry “Old Stories I Tell Myself“? Same gentleman.

Even though I’ve only seen him once, I felt like I should include him because he’s very good at what he does…and let’s face it: a Phantom-based sing-off with Gerry Butler would be out of this world!

First Glimpse: 2004 touring cast of Phantom of the Opera

Howie Dorough (*): is on IMDb (thanks to talk shows, a guest appearance on Sabrina the Teenage Witch and this summer’s Big Star, Little Star), but his rating is so low because he’s a recording artist and not an actor that I felt like I should remove it completely. Were we able to factor in his musical stardom, I’d hope he’d be in the top 500, if not the top 100.

First Glimpse: em…I have no. Fucking. clue what my first BSB song was. But 1997 is the year, for certain.

(I can’t resist younger, ponytail era Howie. That version inspired Eduardo in my debut novel, after all!)

April Billingsley (10281): this unexpected friendship started when she followed me on twitter and I thought, “I feel like I should know that name!”

IMDb to the rescue! April was playing a significant role in the Sunday evening drama I was watching and I didn’t even know her name! (I’m usually good at learning the names of the actors in the shows I like…I guess I hadn’t gotten that far with Resurrection yet?)

So I followed her back and added her on facebook, where I’ve watched her career from the sidelines ever since.

Special Nickname: AB
(What, just because I’m a novelist, I’m supposed to be creative? You’re talking to someone whose favorite “cheat” is to take the initials of the actor the character is standing in for and come up with a new name!)

First Glimpse: Resurrection (2014)

Charlie Shaughnessy (4111): did you know that “that guy from The Nanny” is actually a noble? (If you didn’t read my short story “His Last Love”, you might have missed it!) His ancestor (a second cousin) was a Canadian railway magnate was made a baron under George V, so Charlie’s full title is “Lord Charles George Patrick Shaughnessy, Fifth Baron Shaughnessy of the City of Montreal in the Dominion of Canada, and Ashford in the County of Limerick [Republic of Ireland]”. Whew…see why he goes by Charlie? xD

(Sidebar: I wouldn’t worry about Wiki saying there’s no heirs. Even if Salic primogeniture isn’t completely abolished among the nobles by the time Charlie and his brother pass on to the Manor in the Sky [heh], they have enough daughters between them that one of them will surely have a grandson!)

He’s charming and he has a great accent. I guess the only reason he’s not on the main list is I’m not crazy for him…?

First Glimpse: The Nanny, of course! (Even if I didn’t really watch it until I was an adult.)

Mark Consuelos (2853): he’s hot. Kelly is very lucky. The end.

First Glimpse: a lot later than it probably should’ve been! (Honestly, other than Oprah’s live Fridays, I think the only time I’ve seen him in anything is in My Super Ex-Girlfriend with Uma and…some other people who are apparently forgettable.)

Tommy Lee Jones (1359): remember “shallow reasons like ‘I like his voice’? Shallow reason number two, right here.

A fine southern drawl with deadpan southern charm? Count me in.

First Glimpse: Men in Black I


Next: the devil, a sea-faring hunk, and a bunch of ass-kickers!

Silver and Gold!

I’ve been messing around with genealogy and I’m pretty sure I’ve hit the motherload. (Seriously…all I was expecting were knights and some minor to moderate lords…NOT THIS!)

I was going to title this “Sneak Preview”, but let’s face it: this is the genealogical holy grail, right here. This is the sort of thing thousands of people dig for each year and never find. I should probably be crying, but it hasn’t hit yet.

Dayanara Ryelle

Mari Prescott (mother)

Patricia Lynd (grandmother)

Lester Lynd (great grandfather and son of)

Bessie Small (daughter of)

John (son of)

Frederick (son of)

Jacob (son of)

Elizabeth Earhart/Erhard (daughter of)

Sophia Spencer (daughter of)

Mary Gostwick (daughter of)

Lady Anne Wentworth (daughter of)

Lady Cecilia Unton (daughter of)

Lady Anne Seymour, who comes from…yes, THAT FAMILY!

Which makes Edward Seymour my THIRTEENTH GREAT GRANDFATHER!

Edward Seymour’s brother Thomas married Queen Catherine Parr, the sixth wife of Henry VIII. (Queen Catherine would be my 13th great aunt.)

Edward Seymour’s sister was Queen Jane Seymour, the third wife of Henry VIII. (Queen Jane is also my 13th great aunt.)

Edward Seymour’s nephew was King Edward VI, the only living son of Henry VIII. (King Edward is my first cousin, 13 times removed.)

King Henry VIII (Tudor), 13th great uncle = Queen Jane Seymour, 13th great aunt

Queen Elizabeth of York, 14th great aunt = King Henry VII (Tudor), 14th great uncle

Queen Elizabeth Woodville, 15th great aunt = King Edward IV, 15th great uncle

(Edward IV’s brother was Richard III and Edward’s son was the never-crowned Edward V, one of the Princes in the Tower.)

I think I’ll quit, now.

Anything else will be anticlimactic. O.o

Can you keep a secret?

I may be risking my ass by sharing this thought (as I understand that revenge is nothing new to those to whom I am about to refer), but it has been floating around in my head for about a week now, so I feel the need to say something.


There is a certain group (who shall remain unnamed) that seems to be the epitome of modern secret societies. Since it is an activist group, there is no surprise on my part that it took interest in a recent rape case. At any rate, some of the members of the aforementioned group decided to show up at the courthouse where one of the cases was being heard and start a picket line.

Now, I know that I don’t understand this group (and never will, because I think it’s safest to stay the hell away), but I was under the impression that the point of a secret society is to remain a secret. I realize that this group–like the Masons, for example–are what is referred to as an “open secret”. However, if I were in a secret society, I would “hide in plain sight”, as it were. I would certainly not don a mask and join a picket line! What a wonderful way to get caught!

I believe, from what little I know of the legal system, that as long as this group (at that and future protests) remains peaceful, law enforcement has no right to so much as detain them. Nevertheless, how hard would it be for the press (and some concerned citizens or what-have-you) to form a group, run up to the picket line and reveal their identities to the world? Perhaps I’ve been reading too many books lately, but it seems to me that if law enforcement really wanted to get some good leads, all they would have to do is unmask them, haul them in and have the FBI (or someone) question the hell out of them until they (the FBI) can reach the upper echelons, the members of which have caused so many so much trouble in the past.

But–again–I know nothing of this group, save for what I hear on the news. Perhaps part of their open secret is to not hide in plain sight at all, but to be brash and to stake their claim in the world. Me? If I were them, I’d continue to hide.

Fresh Poetry

It could be fifteen years ’til the next poetry anthology, so let’s make the most of it…

Some Days



Some days,
I feel like
I want to run
and jump into your arms.
I feel like
I want to forget myself;
forget him,
forget them…
forget everything I stand for.
I want to forget
the vows I made:
to marry only him,
to mate with only him,
to love only him.
Some days,
I want to make you stay with her,
and some days,
I want to say,
“Fuck her!”


Some days,
I want you to hold me.
Some days,
I want to rest my head
in the crook of your neck;
to feel you breathing,
to feel your chest rise and
fall against mine.
Some days,
I want to forget
that I ever thought wrong of you.
Some days,
I want to forget
your troubles,
forget your past.
Some days,
I want you
to claim me as your own.
And then,
some days,
I remember your lips are poison.



I don’t know why
I keep running back to you.
I don’t know why
I’d die to feel you.
I don’t know why
I want you to love me.
You love her.
You’re loyal to her,
you’re sweet on her…
I’ve seen you with her;
you’d die without her!


And me?
I have my love.
I have my love,
with his soft gray eyes,
his sandy brown hair;
every line upon his face
defining every moment of his life,
whether suffering
or joy.
I have wispy memories
of many lifetimes past,
many marriages past,
many children past.
I have memories
of every moment,
every breath
spent in his arms,
looking into his eyes,
feeling the touch of his heart.



I have the truest love
in all the world…
yet some days,
I still want you.

I Ran Out of Mustard Jokes

Hello, hello, hello!

I have a new Twitter follower who is actually having conversations with me (yay!) and has been reading my blog, so I thought I’d write a new post to update on everything…just as soon as I reviewed my most recent entries.

(Sidenote: My new follower’s name is Mari and for about thirty seconds I thought my mother had joined Twitter, since she spells her forename the same way. But only thirty, because my mom would never join Twitter [it was enough of a hair-pull to get her to join Facebook!] and even if she did, she’d have a handle like “HikerLady” or “StorytellerLady”.)

Re-reading my statement of support for the SAG-AFTRA merger, I’m still incredibly glad I wrote it–especially since the merger went through. I don’t know about the National Writers Union (maybe sometime in the next few years), but I’m already pretty excited to join the United Utility Workers of America and I know that if I ever teach psychology one day, I’ll join the professors’ union in a heartbeat.

Book Notes: Broken Road is in development hell and I haven’t gotten Breathless off the back burner since finishing League of Lost Souls. (More writing updates shortly.)

The Top Nine Women I Think are More Beautiful than Julia Roberts kind of started the ball rolling on my crush. I mean, it was already rolling to some extent, but I think that kept my mind on the subject. (And it only took two months after Eric’s first appearance on The Finder for me to sit up and take notice! *headdesk* (Oh, yeah…and I tweeted Maddie that she’s on my list, so she probably thinks I’m a psycho, now. xD )

On Words with My Words: It worked out. I wrote a crappy song and then trashed it. Then I tried not to write poetry and came up with I wish...Despite “breaking up” with Eric (more on that in a minute, too), I’m keeping the poem and it will appear in my upcoming poetry collection Barefoot on the Couch.


Tuesday, I went online and filled out approvals for my background check and my drug tests and received the paperwork for the latter the next day. There was a lot of stuff to sign or look over (mostly PDFs that I saved to read/skim later) and I was even able to submit a picture for my employee ID via email. (I never received a response, so I guess the resolution was alright.)

I had to do a urinalysis and a hair test and the company gave the poor nurse? Technician? about a billion things to package everything up with, chain of custody forms, you name it. And this is all for working in a call center! Funny, I don’t remember it being a quarter of this level of complication the last time I had to do a drug test…but there’s a huge difference between working for Walmart and working for Consumer’s Energy, too.


Mari told me that she’d been reading my blog and that she was sorry that life seemed to be leading me away from my goals. It seems like that at the moment, doesn’t it? I replied that all I knew was that I didn’t want to end up like my father–he spent nearly thirty-five years at General Motors because he felt like he couldn’t leave the pay/benefits/etc. that came with being an employee. (But he also dropped out of community college whereas I have a bachelor’s degree and I’m pretty sure he never cherished an ambition to leave the state, much less the area.) (I can walk to where my dad grew up. It’s a mile away or less. Does that tell you anything?)

But it’s something I can’t give up, either. I’m four months into my twenty-sixth year, I live with my dad (as I have been for the last seven and a half years), I don’t own my car and I’ll all but broke. Conversely, CE is offering me $12.27/hour (with merit raises every six months, plus shift premiums and extra money for overtime–and there is overtime right now), medical/dental/vision insurance, profit-sharing, 401k, tuition reimbursement and having me join my first union. I don’t know about you, but that’s what I call a “big girl job”. And since I lost my first chance at a big girl job last year, I can’t do it again. I don’t know how I can convince myself that I have to stay on whenever it is that I decide that I hate it (and at the best jobs, I usually do), but I have no choice. I’m less than two years away from my ten year class reunion–I can’t not have a big girl job.

To paraphrase my mother, I just have to “let go and let Goddess”. It’s a lot on my mind right now, but I know it’s all part of the gods’ plan for me…just like when I spent time in the hospital last year.


I kind of went crazy over him.

Like “saving a few pictures to my computer and watching every music video he’s ever been in (except that hard rock one)” crazy. (I was even going to clip out his lines from “Smack That” so I could watch/listen to it repeatedly. (Even though I’ve recently discovered that I have his voice memorized.)

But the other day, it finally crashed. And I let it crash publicly:

Now that the sad news is out, I don’t mind shouting: HEY WORLD! I HAD THIS GIANT CRUSH ON ERICROBERTS AND I DON’T GIVE A FUCK IF ANYONE KNOWS! ‘Cause the flame is fizzling…and just when I decided to ignore him and leave well enough alone, Fox announces that they canceled “The Finder”. Great…that will make my recovery a whole lot easier!

(Unfortunately, Finder’s cancellation left three separate cliffhangers; but on the other hand, I have the comfort of knowing that Shadrack will never succeed in forcing Willa to marry Timo!)


When we’re younger, I don’t think we take our crushes quite so seriously. If they’re hot, then we latch on and swoon over them and so on and so forth. But I guess now that I’m an adult, my policy is “if I can’t imagine dating him in real life, I don’t want to have a crush on him”.

Let’s see…he’s vegan, the quotes on his website are confusing (but that may just be the person who wrote them!) and we don’t like the same actors or movies. (I don’t think I’ve seen any of the movies he lists, to be honest.) We probably don’t like the same music or television shows, either. (I know that he watches The Voice based on his tweets…I dropped out after the first half hours of auditions in season one.) Not to mention that he’s crazy as hell for his wife. (Look around…Eliza is everywhere!)

I know whether or not they’re married doesn’t matter when you have a celebrity crush, but the rest of that stuff does–at least to me. I don’t know…I guess just thinking about all that stuff (plus one other thing that I have no proof of validity for) is a turn off.

Oh and one last little nitpicky thing? He never said shit when Finder was canceled. I know he was only on two of the episodes, but come on! Show some respect! Nice to know that that was just a “gig” for you! (This may only be intuition talking, but I bet if Jamie was on Twitter or Facebook and a show he was on was canceled shortly after he was on [Numb3rs comes to mind], he’d say something!)


Mondo revise on Breathless…that’s probably why I’m procrastinating.

I went through what I’d written before and made a new outline (and I hate outlines!) with all the corrections/changes/additions and everything else I wanted to do to the manuscript…and then I started fresh.

But it’s going to be better. I know it.


I’ve been collecting my poetry for a couple of years now. Most of it has been culled from the web (I posted my poems on a few different sites from junior high until  halfway through high school), but there are quite a few new pieces that I’ve written since I started the collection. Anyway, it’s called Barefoot on the Couch and I’m getting close to being…okay, halfway ready for publication.

My goal was fifty poems. I have forty written, seven more planned (about the different sabbats, to accompany the one I wrote last fall) and three more to come up with before I can publish. Not to mention deciding whether I want pages discussing/describing the poems, pictures or both. (And all the other self-publishy stuff.) And I’m also going to look into making the move from Lulu to CreateSpace. (I’m thinking of doing half and half–hard copies from Lulu and digital through CreateSpace. That way, at least one version of it is on Amazon.)


When I had “Words with My Words”, I mentioned League of Lost Souls, but I never went into detail on what it was about!

LLS is the first fan fiction piece I’ve written in nearly two and a half years and it’s in the Finder universe. Willa meets a “cousin” who tells her that she was able to escape having an arranged marriage because she was the heiress to her clan. Obviously, LLS strays from the normal realm of “finding” and goes off on a side course to find Shadrack’s missing brother (and introduces his not-so-missing brother) and prevent Willa’s marriage to Timo. I won’t go into detail, because I hope y’all will eventually read it ( is the address to get there), but someone dies and Willa’s ending is bittersweet.