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Greetings, nerds and nerdettes! Another weekend is upon us and that means another new episode of our beloved King of the Nerds! Huzzah!


This week’s Nerd War was the best since “Imaginary Realms”. I have to admit that I didn’t really form an opinion on each argument…I was paying more attention to who was more forceful in their convictions, made a better presentation, etcetera. My thoughts on each round are below–bold is my personal choice for winner, italics is who actually won the round.

Round One: Alana versus Ivan (two stars) — I couldn’t make a decision, because while I feel Alana had a reasonable argument, I agree that Ivan had a strong presentation. Nevertheless, Ivan’s argument seemed rather roundabout and circular and I had a hard time figuring out what side he was on–even with identification shown on the screen!

Round Two: Joshua versus Genevieve (five stars) — Viv trounced Josh, easy. I love how enthusiastic she was and she has a point when it comes to heroes attracting villains. To me, it’s really hard to argue with the evidence that Mr. Mxyzptlk came to Earth for the sole reason of pissing off Superman.

Round Three: Danielle versus Celeste (four stars) — I really felt bad for Celeste. She knew nothing about the topic and had massive stage fright to boot. I wish I could’ve gone on for her, actually. I don’t get stage fright that easily (I’m more nervous of missing my lines, which wouldn’t have been a problem with that debate) and once one of the competitors pointed out the whole task was really to write a short paper on the topic and present it, I realized it would’ve been a breeze for me.

With my scores (and possibly deciding for Alana in my tie, considering how confused Ivan left me), Virgil and Moogega would have had to have debated. And that, of course, I would’ve liked to see! But at least I got plenty of fulfilling Moo-ness this week. <3


Bitch Move of the Week: Ordinarily, I wouldn’t advocate for giving these “awards” to those outside the game; but exceptional circumstances call for exceptional moves. This week’s award goes to Kevin Smith. What kind of dickhead praises Viv right and left and ultimately awards the round to Josh?! At first, I thought Viv’s reaction was a little overdramatic, but it was one of those things where, after you think about it for a couple of minutes, you realize she’s absolutely right and you’d probably be freaking out in the same fashion. (Or at least I would!)

Dumbass Move of the Week: “My husband and I have a whole storage unit full of comics. I don’t need to study.” Kids, always study! I know I don’t practice what I preach (I hate studying), but for that Nerd-Off, I definitely would’ve been on Wiki the whole two hours. In fact, I’m not sure I would know what to look for, so I would’ve taken any advice I could’ve gotten from my teammates.

Slightly off topic from the show, I read a review Thursday night that complained that Bobby (yeah, there I go with “Booby” again…”Rob” for the rest of the post) looked like he was there for the paycheck only, and that Curt looked like he was alternately ready to torment the teams and join in.

Yeah. Okay. Sure. How ’bout you run right back and check the four Nerds movies, hmm?

Booger was Off. The Freaking. Wall. Calm was not in his dictionary…or at least not in his dictionary as it related to him. Lewis was the antithesis of Booger. Calm, perhaps somewhat reserved, very polite and very rational. Remembering that and seeing Curt and Rob in action, how then can you expect them to be any different?

Oh yeah. You can’t!


Never having met Rob, I can’t say for certain, but he’s always struck me as quiet and reserved. If you want him in a movie or on a television show, you have to pry him out of the (proverbial) woodwork first. I don’t mind saying that he’s probably perfectly happy at home with his lovely wife and his music. (I read a while back that he likes to play guitar, among other things.) Plus, his youngest is twenty, so he and Edie are probably still in the first flower of their “empty nest romance renewal” (or whatever you’d like to call it).

You want action and adventure, check out the movies of his late brother, Dave. After all, what was he best known for? Kwai Chang Kane and Bill (of Kill Bill fame), of course–kick-assery right to the end.

You want wit so dry, it makes the English laugh? (I’m sure of it!) Check out his next older brother. (Better to go for season two of Dexter or his appearance on Big Bang TheoryCowboys and Aliens was great, but he gets abducted partway into the picture.)

But if you want sweet, quiet and unoffensive, Rob’s your man.

Games without Frontiers

I almost thought I wasn’t going to be able to see this week’s episode, owing to the fact that the feed I’ve been viewing decided it was going to buffer like crazy. But last night, I decided I was going to tough it out and I’m glad I did–it finally stopped and I was able to watch in peace.

This week’s episode title makes little sense, I’m going to say right off. I realize that another word for “frontier” is “border”, but that still doesn’t really make sense in a real life gaming situation.

That being said, “Games without Frontiers” skewed to the boring side of things. I honestly thought an episode involving “live gaming” would be a little more exciting, but I guess every episode can’t be “edge of your seat viewing”. (Or “fall out of your bed”, if you happen to like to watch KotN while lying on your bed, as I do.) Honestly, if you’re going to do something with live gaming, try making it a little more challenging, a la Legends of the Hidden Temple. What’s more fun, flying around these little helicopter things or running around obstacles, attempting to put puzzles together and constantly looking over your shoulder for temple guards? Yeah, I thought so!

Oh and what was up with the Nerd-Off? Driving golf carts via remote control? In the words of Seth Meyers: “Really?!” Could the properties department not put in some sort of restraint system in each cart, hand out a pair of helmets and say “go to”? Gods, I could imagine getting into one of those carts, flooring it and yelling my head off as I tried to get the ball into the goal! Better yet, make it a little more difficult…hand out Nerf guns and let the competitors shoot at each other while they’re trying to score. WeeeeHA!


Jerk of the Week: Josh. Did you really have to tell Danielle that you were going to vote for yourself in the Nerd-Off? Was that really necessary, among teammates and friends? What was the point?

Dumbass of the Week: Danielle. Usually, you’re pretty sharp on the uptake, so I don’t get why you believed Josh when he said he was going to vote for himself, when he clearly said he was going to vote for you five minutes before. I didn’t think you were actually that thick, but people can surprise me.

The I Almost Shot You Award: Genevieve. Fortunately, she covered her tracks on Twitter, saying that she’s not usually a morning person…she was just up early in that particular episode because she was nervous. (All right, then. :> )


Can’t leave out my favorites!

Brandon: WAH! He lost the Nerd-Off! I’ll miss his razor sharp wit (and a few things I didn’t even know were going on behind the scenes, ’til I saw them on YT. Heh, heh!) The show (twitter) feed said, “Good night, sweet prince…we’ll miss you.” I’d like to take the opportunity to use the full Shakespearean quote: Good night, sweet prince. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. (Hamlet) | Typical that he was kicked off the show just as I was starting to “fall in like” with him.

Celeste: Was this week’s episode as much of a…ah…clit block for you as it was for me? You have phenomenal cosmic powers and they had you blow them on a simple little quadcopter course, where the most exciting thing was the fire gate. *sigh* | I hope they don’t waste your talents so badly in the future. (Though way to psych up Virgil for a great run! Woohoo!)

Moo: I know I saw my beloved Dr. Moo this week. I saw her giving…what do they call it? Confessional interviews? I saw her flying a quadcopter. But I think my Twitter interactions with her this week were far more entertaining than what I saw on the show. Oh well…every week can’t be perfect.


Sorry for such a short blog this week, but that’s what happens when the episode lacks pizzazz. I know most of you come in from Twitter/the internet to read this, so you probably know my handle, but if you don’t, I can be reached for questions and blog ideas @DayaRyelle.


Until Friday…or later…


Recently Finished: Oh Myyy! (George Takei), For Love of Evil (Piers Anthony)
     I’ve seen lots of memes from George, but I didn’t like his page or follow him on Twitter until one day when I stumbled on the fact that he had a book. So I read an excerpt on his site. And then I read the first three chapters for free on Amazon. And finally I pirated the whole damn book and found it a worthy read. He hit his intended point–the book was so amusing that I followed him on Twitter and liked his Facebook page immediately after.
     I’m not into fantasy, per se (despite something a psychic once told me), but I read the Incarnations of Immortality books when I was younger and decided I wanted copies to keep on my tablet. The only one I have yet to read is the much-maligned Under a Velvet Cloak…I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Currently Reading: And Eternity (Piers Anthony), Endless Highway (David Carradine)
     AE has become what many see as the official end to the IoI series. I’ve discussed EH before, but let me just say that you shouldn’t label Bobby as “plain” and “upright” until you read stories about the stuff he and his brother used to get into. (Nerds, can you imagine him in a Ferrari, tearing around the track at Daytona at 150 MPH? Yeah, I can’t either. But David said it happened. xD )

Currently Writing: Back from the Edge, a story seed I’ve been nursing for a long time. I was re-inspired to work on it while re-reading For Love of Evil. (I won’t bore you with a blog entry about it, unless I get some interest from the twitter folk.)

Looking Forward To: Monday Mornings (on Tuesday nights, thanks to having to watch it online). I’ve been a fan of Alfred Molina since Spider-Man 2 and some suggest that the “Chelsea General” of Dr. Gupta’s book is a veiled reference to the hospital at the University of Michigan, so I’m in. (If mentioning that I like Spider-Man doesn’t built my “nerd cred”, check out my first novel. I didn’t mean to write a glorified fanfic, but the annotated edition explains all that.) (Which reminds me…I really need to redo the annotated edition, so I have more than the hardcover, and eEditions out!)

Imaginary Realms

I never intended for the blog titles to match the episode titles, but I couldn’t come up with anything brilliant this week, so there you go…

I wanted to say, “This week, we got to see…*fancy blah blah*…cosplay.” but that’s not me. One, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already seen the relevant episode (or, if you’re the fabulous Celeste or the super awesome Dr. Moo, lived through it–thanks for reading my blog!) and two, you know from last week that I tend to get straight to the point.


The Nerd War was an excellent foray into exactly what makes some nerds tick. As I said in the most recent episode post, I find cosplay fascinating, but since I’ve never been to any conventions (and don’t have any plans to go, now that Dexter is ending), I’ve never had the opportunity to do it. Forcing the players to come out of their shells and tell a story to go along with their costumes was also a good idea and receives my Novelista Seal of Approval.

I wanted to like the blue team (now Team Blextrophy) early on, because I think orange is an ugly color; nevertheless, the Servants of the Forsaken Orb have shown their chops yet again. But let’s forget how badly Blextrophy is doing for a minute. Instead, let us focus on the two nerds who seemed determined to drag themselves front and center this week: Virgil and Alana.

As my Oma says, Alana “doesn’t parse right”. It’s not that she has an associates and is therefore the low man on the academic totem pole (at least in comparison to the others)…it’s more that she just doesn’t seem to click with the rest of her team. I wanted to give her credit for jumping into Virgil’s shit this week (I, too, would bitch and slap silver shin guards on him), but she lost it when she went to SFO for help in preparing for the Nerd-Off. I understand that she feels that she’s the outcast in Blextrophy and that she wanted some moral support in her preparation, but I wouldn’t have gone so far as to seek assistance from the other team. Not only is that disloyal–period–but you never know when the opposing team might not have your best interest at heart and will attempt to sabotage you without your knowledge. (If you’re thinking at this point that I’ve seen too much Survivor…I cannot disagree!)

Virgil is a dick. Plain and simple. Brandon might have avoided labeling him, but that’s because Virgil had already done the dirty work for him. You are a nerd you are supposed to be working on your costume, not wasting your time raiding the RadioShack room and getting into arguments with SFO! I can see why he needed help getting those shin guards on (not really do-able with a flat costume), but everything else should have been prepped and ready to go. I agree with Alana: “We’re going outside in ten minutes and you’re not ready yet?!

I wish Virgil had been put into the Nerd-Off this week. I HATE screamo with a passion, but I’ll tell you in no uncertain terms that I would’ve preferred another week of Jon’s screamo yells to Virgil’s attitude or Alana’s whining.



Brandon: New this week to the favorites list, Brandon caught my attention because of his sense of humor. Something with what he says or his jokes or…I’m not sure what (probably should’ve written this blog last night, before I subjected my mind to a fourth straight day of work)…but he makes the list this week. Especially for the runes on his necromancer’s robe. Real runes = nerdiness.

Celeste: I’m sorry you’re on Blextrophy. I really am. I can’t wait until the merge (assuming there’s going to be one?) because you’d be much better off competing with Moo and others of your mental capacity. That being said…what was going on with Miss Ruby? Based on your behind the scenes blog, I was pretty excited to see what you came up with, but you let me down! (Although you do score a few extra points for sending plastic darts whizzing past the judges!)

Moogega: You already know I’m in kind of a womance* with Moo. But oh…oh…OH! SFO’s whole fantasy storyline was just the best and when I realized that Moo had a shaman thing going on? Well, it reached down to my little Pagan heart and plucked every last string like a harp. I was definitely in love and wished that we could spend more time with Shadow Raven and the rest of the team. It felt so short!


Aaand…I’m dangling here. It’s early Monday morning. My mind is still blown from my “work week” (Thursday through Sunday). If I come up with anything else, I’ll post it.




*According to Urban Dictionary, “womance” is the feminine equivalent of “bromance”.

Raging Nitpicker

Okay…here comes the nitpick you’ve all been waiting for. The costumers for KotN did some things really well and other things…*makes a face* (Reference photo here.)

(P.S.: How cute is Bobby as a samurai?! *fangirl squee*)


The most galling thing isn’t even a mistake in geisha costuming; it’s a mistake period: WHY DIDN’T YOU HAVE CURTIS SHAVE?! *puff, pant* Onnagata are expected to be clean-shaven…this should be no exception! (Onnagata are men who play female roles in kabuki.)

More subtly, they should’ve made him take his wedding ring off. Geisha are not married. (In all my reading, I’ve only ever heard of one…and who knows how long she lasted in the industry–or in her marriage–after the book was written.) Part of the allure is that the customers–usually men–can fantasize about what it would be like to date (or bed) geisha, while the artiste herself is forever out of their reach. A wedding ring might not be a turn-off to a female customer, but geisha parties are still predominantly male, so a ring would ruin the whole atmosphere.

Moving on (and running from the top down)…what kind of hairstyle is that supposed to be? If it’s the geisha style (and not an attempt at any of the maiko styles), they missed pretty badly. (See this photo for more detail…the one on the left is a geisha, while the one on the right is a maiko.) A simple, bowed ribbon in the front is also a no-no…geisha have much more subdued hairstyles. Even if they were trying to make him into a maiko, the ribbon should be wrapped around the top knot and not in a flashy bow. (More on maiko styles here.) The flowers are fine…they look like the kanzashi (hair ornaments) I’ve seen in photos. The trouble–again–is that flowers are best suited to a maiko, not an adult geisha, as Curtis should be. (If the costuming department is positing him as a maiko, then the complaint is that the wig is underdecorated, as opposed to over for a geisha.)

The second most galling thing is the makeup…the coloring is too subtle. I understand not wanting to fuss with oshiroi (the traditional white makeup), as it requires a special oil applied to the face and needs to be painted on a certain way, but couldn’t you at least settle for greasepaint? (If that is greasepaint, then the makeup department diluted it too much…a good “geisha” should have a face as white as a clown.) A little too much red around the eyes for a geisha (unless–again–we’re going for maiko), but good on the red eyeliner. The ears are never painted (seen here) and I bet they didn’t take time to do up the nape of his neck, either. (See the previous photo.) And–I never thought I’d say this to a man–your lipstick needs to be brighter than your kimono! (*chuckle*)

Any problems I’d have with the neckline would probably be solved with my next nitpick–Curtis isn’t wearing a nagajuban (underrobe)! (I assume he’s only wearing a kimono and underwear…and if he’s not, I don’t want to know!) As I’m sure you’ve noticed from all the sample pictures, the nagajuban sets off the kimono–subtly for a geisha and not so much for a maiko. (The nagajuban is also the garment to which the famous red/white collars are attached.) If they had put him in a nagajuban, there would be a little less skin showing around the front of the neckline. I can’t tell how far down the kimono is draped, but if they didn’t apply makeup on his the back of his neck (as I suspect), then it’s probably not pulled down far enough. The kimono and the nagajuban need to be pulled down to show the first several vertebrae in the spine, as the nape of the neck is considered sexy (on a geisha) in Japanese culture–and even more so when makeup is properly applied.

The kimono is way too bright. As with the wig, geisha wear more subtle colors…maiko are supposed to stand out, so that color would be fine if Curtis was a great deal younger. But he’s not! The burgundy of the obiage would be a perfect shade for a geisha (real or fake) of his age. I would almost like to see more of a pattern on the kimono, but not too much, or the costuming department would be guilty of trying to make him into a maiko again! (See how subtle this is? Keep that photo open for the next paragraph…I’m using it for a reference picture.)

The obi looks just a little bit too narrow, in comparison to the reference photo and–even though I’ve seen the episode since I started working on this post–Curtis never turns around, so I can’t see if the costume department tied correctly. (I’m also not loving a cream obi with a red kimono, but that’s another story.) The obiage is sticking out too much, but that may have been easily fixed if the obi was wide enough in the first place. The obijimae (the lilac cord in the reference picture and the gold cord in the original picture) is fine. A true kimono enthusiast might complain and say that a simple cord is not an appropriate obijimae, but since I’m not a connoisseur, I don’t care.


Overall, it’s a pretty decent effect, even if there are a lot of mistakes present. Besides, Curtis is not portraying the geisha as a slut (as has been far too common in American culture), so I’m satisfied.

As far as the episode? Next post, ladies and gentlemen, if you please…!


Just a little post…

So I griped about the King of the Nerds people not asking the contestants what they were reading, but I never said what was reading.




Anyway, I’m into Endless Highway for about the fifth time.

No, I’m not trying to win brownie points with Bobby (why the fuck do I always type “booby”?! Maybe I should just go back to calling him “Rob”)…I honestly dig this book out and read it at least once a year. (I keep it stowed in a trunk with the stuffed animals and figures I want to display when I have my own place…primarily because it’s so big.) If you’ve never read David’s autobio/memoir, you really ought to. He had a great sense of humor (either that, or what I think is funny is really not!) and it’s really interesting to look into nearly sixty years of his life, from all his projects, to his art, his hobbies and his myriad odd jobs before he hit the big time.

I said a few times after first reading it that I would like to see another family member write a book about the fourteen intervening years between the end of Endless Highway and his death, but now I’m starting to think otherwise. Yes, David’s Kill Bill diary was interesting (though not nearly as informative); nevertheless, I plunked down some money to read that steamy tell all that one of his exes wrote after his death and…well… (I should point out that I would never directly feed that bitch money…I bought it used and got rid of it through Paperback Swap when I was done.) I know a novelista should never say this, but some stories are better left untold.

Check back in the coming days for my take on episode two of KotN…including a complete nitpick of Curtis’s makeup and kimono.

(What kind of geisha nerd would I be without it?!)