The Clue Space

If you’re here, then I trust you to keep a secret.

Whether you’re clever enough to figure out that secret…well, that’s up to you. 😉


I’ve listed clues involving a few of Asher’s projects. Your challenge is to figure out what the titles are and who they have in common.

(And then keep your mouth shut, if you please!)


Ready? Good luck!

I adore him like this Jake Gyllenhaal character loved his rockets.

I adore him like a Banshee loves her horse, her sword and her favorite warcry.

(That’s an original character-type, so it doesn’t count…I just threw it in for fun. 😉 )


I adore him like William Tavington loved those gorgeous brown locks.

I adore him like Kermit likes to sing Rainbow Connection.

I adore him like Miss Piggy is vain.

I…oops! I have to leave this one out! It’s an easy search from this clue to the answer. 😉

It involves showgirls, though! 😉


I adore him because he knows how to find his wild side.

I adore him like Jake loved Sadie.

I adore him like Lee Harvey Oswald was batshit crazy.

I adore him like I love a Stephen King book.

(I would love to see this made into a movie one day!)


I adore him like Lightning McQueen loves speed.

I adore him like Cruz wanted to race.

I adore him as hard as I laughed when Lightning repeated all his goofy motivational words in the pit.

But most of all…I’m silently crazy for this guy. 😉


Or you could just figure out which actor Jason Isaacs and Julia Roberts have in common. (Presuming it’s not more than one. xD )