Quick Follow-up

Heard back from the President of Grape, who smirkingly claimed I was “threatening” him.


Since when is, “I know we can solve this quickly and easily and don’t have to get copyright attorneys involved” threatening?

Just to ensure we’re all on the same page, I said (in part):

Please tell me that you care enough about your site that I don’t have to file a lawsuit against you. I don’t want to spend the time and money on something that should be solved by a simple email.

“Please tell me” is a request; a simple desire to know that your users are…I don’t want to say “overzealous” because that might be misconstrued, but you get the idea. The next line is just a suggestion that the whole situation should be able to be solved quickly and painlessly, without getting out the big guns on either side. But this guy is too busy smirking like Martin Shkreli to realize that.


You know how when you accuse someone of raising their voice, they say, “that’s not yelling”, then raise their volume and say, “THIS IS YELLING!“? Here’s me actually yelling…er..threatening:

I was asking nicely, not threatening. But if you can’t tell the difference, it’s no wonder you permit copyright violations.

I’ve changed my mind about the lawsuit—I don’t want to see your smug face in court. I’d be too tempted to beat the stupid out of you and infantile minds like yours are not worth going to jail over.

“Copyright violations” is a touchy subject in this circumstance, especially since no one is actively using my work, and it would be more than mine (more about that in a minute). I don’t know if I would actually try to punch him in court since I’m a bit of a goody-goody, but he at least promoted himself to the rank of “I want to reach through the computer and strangle you”, so there is that.


As for “not my copyright”? No paper trail means no proof that the near-casting agreement ever existed. (Probably why I was angling so hard for a contract—besides the fact that I [naively] thought back then that contracts can hold people to their word.) Which means Disney would happily take me down for copyright violations. And if I go down, I’ll take President Grape’s smirking ass with me.

P.S.: You’re well aware that the books in question would essentially be fanfiction, right? They’d be books that tied into my debut novel, which is based on a tenuous agreement I had with Marvel pre-Disney. If I go down for copyright violations, everyone associated the least little bit with me goes down with me. I’d like to see you smirk your way out of it in front of Disney’s attorneys, but I imagine they wouldn’t allow me access to a television while in jail.


In the words of Katniss, if we burn, you burn with us.

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Belated P.S.: as I was emptying my email trash, I discovered a quick note back: “Copyright isn’t what you think it is—duplicate titles are allowed. Maybe you’re thinking of trademarks?” Maybe you’re so fucking dense that you missed “not even my copyright” and “I’m going to enjoy watching you squirm when Disney fries your ass alongside mine.”


It’s Here!

I have it! Susie's Super Special Card of Superness is finally here!

(That's more of a "I've been waiting years to get one" finally here than a "boy, the mail is slow"–she just drew names Friday!)

Pink ink, even! I don't like pink, but I love the special attention. ^_^

Also, "pink ink" is fun to say. xD


In case you don't follow Susie, she's an aspiring novelist (here's some flash fiction from 2015), an illustrator, a five-time featured blogger here on WP (I think the linked entry is where I climbed aboard the Wild Ride), a world traveler and a breast cancer survivor.


I don't know how in the names of the gods she always manages to come up with illustrations for her family's Christmas card, paste them in and send them off; but she does, and whoever guesses the subject of each year's main image gets a card, too.

No, I didn't manage to guess skiing (I chose Paris), but Susie had two extra cards this year, so she drew names and mine was one.


So why is a Christmas card so special to me when I (technically) don't celebrate Christmas, and I generally say cards are a waste of tree?

I guess it's just the time and effort Susie spends to make such amazing cards for family and friends that makes me feel that anyone who receives one is very lucky indeed.

(Seriously, if people don't save these things, they're batshit crazy.)

I could probably do something similar with poetry, but I can't poem on command, and what's a card without images?

Plus, I don't have many people to send cards to, and (I'm guessing) all the "family cards" have my name signed to them, so it's kind of unnecessary.

The other big surprise of the season?

My dad announced that he wanted to celebrate the Solstice with me by opening a present on that day each year in the future.

(Along with our stockings on Christmas Eve and another present Christmas Day.)

This from the same man who told me twenty years ago that I was "going to hell" for my beliefs.


I don't think he agrees with me about no hell and no devil; but after twenty years of struggles between the two of us (finances, my mental health, his fibromyalgia) and seeing that the world is a progressively nastier place; perhaps he, too, believes that there is plenty of evil in the hearts of men.


“Sorry” is Sufficient

I love people who say “sorry doesn’t cut it”.

Guess what? There’s only one word in the English language that means you are repentant and most people in America are monolingual.

If you’re so bent out of shape that you can’t accept “sorry”, there’s no way in hell you’re going to tolerate anything more elaborate.

Even if I said “Sorry, lo sientohet spijt me and ho sento“, that still wouldn’t be enough for your angry little ass, so why should I bother?


</short rant>


Nothing Going on Here

I've been accused of "minimizing child abuse" in the Kevin Spacey case. Sorry…quoting Michigan law to you is "minimizing" what happened to Anthony Rapp?

Let's check this short version of the law by Michigan firm Smith Blythe:

What Constitutes Fourth Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct?

In Michigan, if sexual contact without penetration is alleged, it will fall into either the second or fourth degree of criminal sexual conduct. The fourth degree involves sexual contact, but not penetration, to the genital area, groin, inner thigh, buttocks, or breasts. (citation)

Wow, that's funny. Nothing about lying fully clothed on top of someone. Maybe Ms. Smith missed something? Let's check the full text of the law.

Michigan Law Regarding Criminal Sexual Conduct in the Fourth Degree
(because whatever happened wasn't severe enough for second)

Nothing there, either!

(*sarcastic gasp*)

Do you suppose it could possibly be that Kevin Spacey didn't commit child abuse and actually engaged in nothing more than disappointing, drunken behavior?

Wow, what a concept! Maybe that's why multiple attorneys have said "there's nothing you can do"! Perhaps that's why the FBI is focusing on Harvey Weinstein, who actually broke the law!


If you'll excuse me, I have to take off before my eyes roll out of my fucking head.

Edited to Add: Five minutes after I posted this, I heard for the first time that there is more than one accusation against Spacey. In case you missed it the first time, this is only about the initial accusation. Since I didn’t know that anything further had come out, I do not know if he’s ever gone beyond not-quite-CSC-4.


Bitcoin Bug?

I finally jumped onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon on Friday–$5 each of bitcoin and ethereum. I probably won’t make much profit (or at least not very fast), but I thought I’d try it out anyway.

Don’t ask me why I thought it was necessary to put widgets on my homepage…it just seemed like a good idea. (Besides, after all the time I spent looking for a non-java widget, I wasn’t going to give up after finding one!)