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Ophelia (2010)

[Original Title: Meet Ophelia] Several months before the release of the first Sam Raimi-directed Spider-Man movie, a gentleman claiming to be producer Grant Curtis tentatively offered Dayanara a role in the third movie. After months of little to no progress, Renaissance Pictures ended the deal, leaving Dayanara with a rough sketch of her character’s past and bereft of a future in film. But what this gentleman failed to realize is that you cannot give a novelist a “storyseed” and expect her to ignore it for the rest of her life. After seven years of sporadic work (and dealing with the disappointment of no blessing from Marvel), Dayanara released Meet Ophelia, and shortened it to its present title for a later edition. Though the Spider-Man cinematic universe has undergone drastic changes since the initial release of Ophelia, Dayanara has no expectations for her debut novel, even if someone of influence should take notice.


discontinued winter 2020

Broken Road (2012)

Sometimes explaining the rationale behind a story is harder than writing the story itself. Broken Road was written to tell the tale of how Amihan met the first incarnation of his love in The Blessing Way; but the plot was lost to constant running, and the sequel remains unwritten.


Alternate Titles

Carretera Rota [Español]
Gebroken Weg [Nederlands]
Carretera Trencada [Catala]
Bóthar Briste [Gaeilge]
Route Cassée [Français]



Barefoot on the Couch (2012)

The hardest part of creating this anthology wasn’t writing twenty new poems to bring the manuscript to a neat fifty; it was delving the furthest reaches of the internet—to long forgotten and dusty websites—in order to find poetry written some fifteen or more years before. Even then, reminding oneself of the pain that caused these poems in the first place wasn’t easy…


Alternate Titles

Descalzo en el Sofá [Español]
Blote Voeten op de Bank [Nederlands]
Descalç en el Sofà [Catala]
Cosnochta ar an Tolg [Gaeilge]
Pieds Nus sur le Canapé [Français]


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Early One Morning (2013)

A novelist shapes the world to fit her views, and never is it more true than when she attempts to create an alternative version of history. What started as a sort of literary love letter to Dayanara’s muse of the period ended as a thunderstorm of violence and anger, a torrent of questions as to how far beyond lust true love lies, and the fine line between love and hate. Early One Morning appears to be a harmless tale of the High Priestess of Isis being dragged into the final days of the Christos, yet it has ended friendships and put anger into the hearts of readers.


Alternate Titles

Temprano una Mañana [Español]
Vroeg op een Ochtend [Nederlands]
d’Hora un Matí [Catala]
Luath Haor Maidin [Gaeilge]
Tôt le Matin [Français]


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Exilium (2015)

In the stunning conclusion to the Priestess trilogy, our heroine finds that love is never constant, hate can bring passion, and revenge will follow its quarry to the ends of the earth.

Is this the end of our beloved priestess’s problems…or is there one more story to tell?


Alternate Titles

Exilio [Español]
Verbanning [Nederlands]
Exili [Catala]
Deoraíocht [Gaeilge]
Exilée [Français]


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Supplement: The Manumission of Julia Severide