Prequels, Sequels and Problems


U10: 10 or fewer attempts at chapters, prologues, or scene tests
10: 10 to 20 attempts
O20: 20 or more attempts
00: All drafts have been thrown out, corrupted, or are have an unknown status

Title: Emmeline (House Osborn I) [00]
Protagonist: Emmeline "Emily" Padraig, Ophelia's mother
Cover ideas: none
Problem: I have vague ideas about how Emily and Norman met, but I don't have much motivation (or material) with which to put them to paper.
Notes: if I could afford a ghostwriter, I would assign them here and to Elizabeth
Verdict: likely dead
Canceled 22 March 2018


Title: Sevens (House Osborn 2.5) [U10]
Protagonist: Ophelia–this is an "alongside" story that happened during Ophelia
Cover Ideas: it's a virus story, so I have to avoid the usual hazard symbols that appear on such covers. Other than that, I don't know.
Problem: I think I burnt myself out writing a complete recap before actually writing the novel–and I haven't finished the recap, either. (Not to mention losing my enthusiasm for it about the time Lulu started arguing my copyright status.)
Notes: it's still intact on my computer, I just haven't touched it.

Verdict: probably alive, but I don't know how long it will take to get back to it. In Progress as of 7 February 2018


Title: Elizabeth (House Osborn III) [U10]
Protagonist: Elizabeth Osborn-Westbrooke, Ophelia's daughter (I don't know if she's actually a hyphenate)
Cover ideas: none
Problem: same as her grandmother's story
Notes: same
Verdict: likely dead
Canceled 22 March 2018

Title: The Blessing Way (Temple of the Wind II) [00]
Protagonist: Mariamne/Andraste, Krystállina’s reincarnated form
Cover ideas: none
Problem: as if sexual assault in all of my books wasn’t bad enough, this one really crosses the “Marquis de Sade Line”. (And if there isn’t one, I just invented it.)
Notes: I may have deleted this in an attempt to get rid of or otherwise give up on it, because I know I had a copy on my computer not long ago. The last version had potential priestess candidates gathering in an arena with the high priestess (or chief shrine maiden) of each temple/shrine summoning them individually.
Verdict: undead?

Title: The Devil's Bride (The Priestess I) [O20]
Protagonist: Claudia Procula, wife of Pontius Pilatus
Cover ideas: My cover designer will buy this photo, assuming it's still around by then
Problem: BBS (bad beginning syndrome)–I haven't found a start that I like, and I'm loathe to write out of order
Notes: [deleted]
Verdict: at some point before I'm dead!


Title: Maggie Have I Known (The Priestess IV) [U10]
Protagonist: Mary of Magdala, disciple of the late Yeshua bar Miriam and acquaintance of Julia
Cover ideas: I had a stock image to use for the special edition omnibus (the same image on the cover of the copy I sent to Grey-Eyed Monster), but I can't find it. Shutterstock (or wherever I got it) probably doesn't have it anymore–and even if they did, I'd have to rebuy it, because my rights have expired Found it–it's on my HD. I have a different stock in mind to replace it on the omnibus
Problem: not sure it's entirely necessary to tell what happened to Julia after Exilium; I want to get The Devil's Bride written first
Notes: I've barely done anything with this concept. If I've forgotten some, it's because the documents were deleted at some point
Verdict: uncertain